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Vidder Tube by Mind Map: Vidder Tube

1. Are you tired of seeing this? Either on your videos or those you want to watch?

2. Well, there only one place where this exists and it's used by Vidders every day

2.1. 1. Even though "You" are in their name. They are more interested about who"You" are than what they can do for you.

2.2. 2. How many video have been lost by those who trusted them as a back up archive?

2.3. 3. But the question remains where can Vidders go that is not only a safe space but offers comparable features.

2.4. 4. Vidders know all too well that it's only a matter of time before safe spaces become jeopardized

2.5. 5. Many Vidders remain on You Tube even though it is not ideal because there really doesn't seem to be an alternative close enough to make them switch

3. Vidder Tube was created specifically for Vidders. It's in our name.

3.1. The questions may remain though.

3.2. Is it safe?

3.3. Does it offer features that make it worth making it a new home?

3.4. We believe the answer is a resounding Yes. In fact, we feel it is better.

3.5. For some of you just the mention of an alternative is enough to make you nervous about trusting another service.

3.6. For some of you it's not enough to just say that we are a good alternative. Well, we want to show you why it is

4. About US

4.1. We have been building to this moment since 2008 only 2 years after You Tube started

4.2. We are the same people behind safely hosting over 18K vids since 2009 (over 7 years) without issue

4.3. All of which have been backed up offline on a hard drive for safe keeping and archival purposes

4.4. We are the same folks behind community also running for several years

5. Features

5.1. You don't have to give up You Tube. We can import your entire YT channel to our site.

5.2. For that matter, we can host your Vimeo vids, vids and videos from about 25+ sites

5.3. I want my VTV. All vids all the time. No competition from cat videos, baby videos, sports videos or anything that are not vids

5.4. You can upload HD content. Yes, it's true. They can even be password protected like Vimeo.

5.5. Likes? Check!

5.6. Subscriptions? Check!

5.7. Social Sharing? Check!

5.8. Watch later? Check!

5.9. Playlists? Check!

5.10. Social Feed? Check!

5.11. Mobile Responsive? Check!

5.12. Clean interface! Check!

5.13. Vidder Friendly! Double check!

6. See the Shiny Click this arrow

7. Profile

8. There are just 2 things missing. You & Your Support. For only $30/year you have a safe space for hosting your high quality vids plus we back up your vids

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