Kinark Child and Family Services

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Kinark Child and Family Services by Mind Map: Kinark Child and Family Services

1. Visions & Goals

1.1. Kinark is one of the top providers for services and support for children and youth with complex needs and their families

1.2. Committed to supporting child and youth mental health

1.3. Collaborating with the community to improve the outcomes for children with autism and their families

1.4. • Committed to a vision of a system of services for children and youth with mental health issues, that is rooted in individual assessments and family partnerships

2. How are services/programs accessed?

2.1. Central Intake is the main support for children, youth and their families in need of assistance; contact 1-888-454-6275

2.2. Kinark believes that the most effective services are offered by partnership with families

2.3. They offer a parent advisory committee to give feedback on the programs offered

3. How does the agency address equity, inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity

3.1. This organization offers programs in Child and Youth Mental Health, Autism, and Forensic Mental Health/ Youth Justice

3.2. The agency offers help for those children and youth who have become in trouble with the law; rehabilitation and treatment services for those children to get them back on track

3.3. This agency also emphasizes parental and family involvement

4. What services/programs are available for Ontario students and their families?

4.1. Autism Program with Intensive Behavioural Interventions

4.2. Child and Youth Mental Health assessment and treatment services

4.3. Court-ordered assessment, intensive treatment and re-integrative services to youth who have significant mental health issues

4.4. Kinark Child Care Centres

4.5. Kink Outdoor Centre

5. Other Information

5.1. In June 2016 the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth services (MCYS) announced details about their investment of $200 million over the next 4 years to improve and expand the autism services and services for children and youth with autism and their families

5.2. If you are from the York/Durham/Northumberland/Peterborough/Halton area and would like to become a volunteer or get involved, you can visit the website: and fill out a volunteer form!