Multimedia Hardware and Software

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Multimedia Hardware and Software by Mind Map: Multimedia Hardware and Software

1. Multimedia Development Process Here are the four basic stages in a multimedia project:   1.Planning and costing   2.Designing and Producing   3.Testing 4.Delivering

2. Planning & Costing Define the objectives and scope. -Objective     What is the purpose of creating the project?  -Scope/boundary of the project Consider how much time to develop the  project. Consider the knowledge and skills needed.

3. Designing & Producing -Perform each of the planned tasks to create a finished product.

4. Testing Test your programs to make sure that they meet the objectives of your project. Two Phases of testing:  -Alpha Testing  -Beta Testing

5. Delivering -Package and deliver the project to the end user.

6. Main roles in the team: Project Manager Multimedia Designer Interface Designer Writer Audio/Video Specialist Multimedia Programmer

7. Hardware Production platforms The most significant platforms for producing and delivering multimedia projects are the Macintosh operating system and Microsoft Windows. The Macintosh and the Windows PC offer a combination of affordability and software and hardware availability.

8. Software Text editing and word processing tools Word processors such as Microsoft Word and WordPerfect are powerful applications that include spell checkers, table formatters, and prebuilt templates for letters, resumes, purchase orders, and other common documents.

9. Authoring Systems An authoring tool is a software package which allow developers to : Organize and edit the multimedia elements of multimedia project. Design screen layouts(interface) using templates Create interactivity assembling diverse multimedia elements into a single, cohesive product.