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EduPlanner by Mind Map: EduPlanner

1. Saas support

1.1. Multi-Tenancy

1.1.1. Database based configurations Configurations changes from UX as well

1.1.2. Tenant Storage Sharding for every tenants with separate database Single database for all tenants

1.1.3. Architecture changes for various integrations Umbraco multi tenant support Moodle multi tenant support Hangfire multi tenant support EMSI/Occupations multi tenant support Apache camel proxy for SIS

1.2. Configurable Logins

1.2.1. Public Users Support Google, Facebook and LDS Users

1.2.2. Dynamic and configurable Login page content Umbraco integration to add/update login content

1.2.3. Home page customization - Sections/widgets related to allowed modules will be visible

1.3. Campaign & Role Management

1.3.1. Invitation based system

1.3.2. Role manager

1.4. Modularization

1.4.1. Run modules independently

1.5. Sandbox

1.5.1. Multi-Tenant Sandbox ready with proper content

2. Road Map

2.1. Advisor Dashboard

2.1.1. Advisor's landing page Widgets based dashboard to give department wise students summary to help Advisors

2.1.2. Advisor's student view Integration of Advisor student view across EduPlanner Remove dependency on Impersonation

2.1.3. Integration with Retention dashboard To provide a list of high risk students along with Retention scroe To provide a list of students whose selected career is not matched with opted Major/courses

2.2. Advising Module

2.2.1. Prospective Students Prospective students feature enhancement and widget based mapping (BYUI paid work) Prospective students report

2.2.2. Advising other changes Advising student view improvements Accessibility Performance, and other feature improvements

2.3. SaaS

2.3.1. New and existing reports enhancement Detailed report based on the events captured via Angularatics

2.4. Educational Strategy

2.4.1. Occupations RIASEC algorithm improvements More interest questions set as per market research Research on additional data sources

2.4.2. ES feature improvements New elaborative landing page Filters - Degree/Education, Industry Additional career details from public database - Bright Outlook, Green job etc.

2.4.3. Other ES changes Performance and design improvements Accessibility support

2.5. Academic Preparation Module

2.5.1. Research on Open Education Resources Khan Academy Exploration of other resources like edX,  Coursera etc.

2.5.2. Reconciliation with Tutoring module

2.5.3. Other AP changes Performance and design improvements Accessibility support

2.6. Tutoring Module

2.6.1. Tutoring to run without SIS Display Moodle courses Assignment of Moodle courses with Public Students

2.6.2. Feature Improvements Deep linking of tutoring appointment with GP Integration with paid tutoring service

2.6.3. Other Tutoring changes Performance and design improvements Accessibility support

3. High school version

3.1. Components to work without any changes

3.1.1. Educational Strategy Supports both EMSI and Occupation

3.1.2. Academic Preparation Supports both SARAS and Moodle

3.1.3. Advising

3.2. Saas Ready (mostly)

3.2.1. Guidelines/steps prepared  to create tenant

3.2.2. In case of Moodle, AP content to be imported and to be verified for religious content check

3.2.3. In case of Occupation, ONet db and other public data to be imported

3.3. No SIS dependency

3.3.1. Login page content to be provided by client and will be updated via Umbraco

3.4. Controlled access to selected public students

3.4.1. Client to share list of students

3.5. Customization extra

4. Open source movement

4.1. Assessment provider

4.1.1. Moodle Converted BYUI created SARAS tests/questions into Moodle format

4.2. Learning content provider

4.2.1. Moodle Replaced static learning contents from Umbraco to Moodle for seamless assessment and learning content mapping

4.3. Survey

4.3.1. Moodle Replaced qualtrics survey with Moodle feedback module

4.4. Career provider

4.4.1. Occupations EMSI features alternate with O*Net public database Occupational Employment Statistics & Employment Projections with the help of US department of labour public database Additional O*Net based interest based assessment with 60 questions set

4.5. SQL Server alternate

4.5.1. PostgreSQL With cluster and high availability