About Stacey Lee . . . .

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About Stacey Lee . . . . by Mind Map: About Stacey Lee . . . .

1. Not sure if this constitutes a hobby, but I seldom (ok, never) turn down a glass of wine

2. Education

2.1. I went to Loyola University (in Baltimore), the United States Military Academy, and the University of Maryland School of Law

3. Work

3.1. Professor at the Carey Business

3.2. Practiced law as a securities litigator and in-house corporate counsel for two national healthcare companies. Taught business law and ethics at Loyola University.

3.3. Given that I probably can't run off and join the circus -- I think I have the best job in the world.  I'd like to get promoted but other than that . . . I'd like to stay right here.

4. Places I've Lived

4.1. Currently, I live in Baltimore, Maryland.  Our neighborhood is in a historic area and our house is closing in on being 100 years old.

4.2. I never stop doing house/yard projects - my latest is gardening. The deer are giving me a run for my money!! I wish my kids ate vegetable like they do

4.3. Army brat . . . accordingly, I have lived in a ton of places, some of which include: Washington State, Indiana, Virginia, and Germany.

4.4. Growing up I never lived one place long enough to consider it a hometown.  However, I now consider Baltimore home.

5. Hobbies

5.1. I love circus arts - more specifically, aerial silks and the trapeze. I discovered aerial and trapeze over 5 years ago and have been hooked ever since!

5.1.1. Even got my kids involved. We have performed together and it's a blast.

5.2. I am an avid runner and like obstacle races. My brother and I did a Spartan together this summer. He often podiums for his age group -- i just do it for the beer afterwards.

6. Family

6.1. Married for over 15 years

6.1.1. He's a healthcare lawyer too but we never talk about the law

6.1.2. We have 13 year old boy girl twins. Teenagers are a handful!! I used to jokingly refer to them as the monsters . . . now I think I mean it

6.2. We've have taken some awesome family vacations. For all my complaining, the kids are at a great and the age to explore the world!