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Images by Mind Map: Images

1. Before You Start to Create

1.1. Plan your approach

1.2. Organize the available tools

1.3. Configure computer workspace

1.4. Plan your approach

2. Colors and Palettes in Multimedia

2.1. Understanding natural light & color

2.1.1. Additive color RGB - red, green, blue

2.1.2. Subtractive color CMY - cyan, magenta, yellow

2.1.3. Color models RGB model HSB and HSL models CMYK, CIE, YIQ, YUV, & YCC

2.2. Color palettes

2.3. Dithering

3. Image File Types Used  in Multimedia

3.1. Macintosh formats

3.1.1. PICT

3.2. Windows formats

3.2.1. DIB - device-independent bitmaps

3.2.2. BMP

3.3. Cross-platform formats

3.3.1. Web- JPEG, GIF, and PNG

3.3.2. Multimedia content - Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF)

3.3.3. Applications -PSD, AI, CDR, DXF

3.3.4. CAD drawings -Initial Graphics Exchange Standard (IGS or IGES)

3.3.5. 3-D files- COLLADA 3D

3.4. Image File Compression

3.4.1. Lossy formats – JPEG files

3.4.2. Lossless formats – PSD, PSP, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, and RAW

4. Making Still Images

4.1. Bitmaps (raster)

4.1.1. painting program

4.1.2. Bitmaps Sources

4.1.3. Bitmap Software Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator Corel’s Painter and CorelDraw Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator

4.2. Vector-drawing

4.2.1. drawing program

4.2.2. Vector-drawn graphics

4.2.3. Vector-drawn images

4.3. Vector-drawn vs Bitmaps

4.3.1. Vector less memory space & smaller file size download faster easily scalable rescaled image retains the quality of the original cannot be used for photorealistic images. plug-in for web-based display

4.3.2. Bitmaps Resizing a bitmapped image requires either duplicating pixels not easily scalable & resizable converted to vector images using autotracing

4.4. 3-D drawing and rendering

4.4.1. Tools Daz3D Form*Z NewTek's Lightwave Autodesk's Maya Trimble's SketchUp

4.4.2. Application Modeling Extrusion Lathing