Why Richard Gets Hated On

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Why Richard Gets Hated On by Mind Map: Why Richard Gets Hated On

1. Athletics

1.1. Basketball

1.1.1. No one wants to play with him

1.1.2. Thinks he knows how to play The guys dont want to invite him anymore because he acts like he's too good for them. Talks too much shit when he is there And that he sucks

1.2. Poker

1.2.1. Is the weaksauce

1.2.2. Dosen't know how to play

1.2.3. Fucked up the Poker Fam dynamics

1.2.4. Made Jev stop playing poker

1.2.5. Does not play poker, just hold'em

1.3. Baseball

1.3.1. Goes to a Dodger game and dosent know which team the dodgers are

1.3.2. when asked about going this season he says 'cant' cuz they are 'busy' THERES 162 FREAKIN GAMES!!!!

2. Mitzi

2.1. wants to be free of the 'negative ora' around her

2.2. Didnt even call to let us know that she wasn't coming to a party that SHE helped plan at SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE for Super Bowl

2.3. dosent like when jev creates evites for the 'theme' parties

3. The Santa Clarita Valley

3.1. wanted to move there...but was DENIED and his broke ass can't afford it anyway

3.2. wont move to SCV anymore but will willingly drive up to play basketball with people who dont wanna play with him

3.3. Doesnt like to drive there (or let his girlfriend drive up) because of the "traffic"...not realizing that no one ever invites them to come during rush hour...stooooopid.

4. People that wanna beat him up

4.1. Marsha

4.1.1. with a roundhouse kick to the neck

4.1.2. because he sounds like Yogi bear when he talks with a high set larynx..anyone else ever notice that? whats a set high larynx? just sounds like an ass to me. jev

4.2. Archie

4.2.1. because he disrespected his party

4.3. Shelly

4.3.1. do i have to explain?

4.4. Bernie

4.4.1. because he disrespected the lakers in his own house

4.5. The Guys That Play Bball

4.5.1. cuz he thinks hes the filipino michael jordan

4.6. Daniel

4.6.1. because he left his bday party early

4.7. Kit

4.7.1. because the world is too beautiful to have his ugly face on it

4.7.2. because he purposely left me at Daniels party after asking for a ride to Ron's party then lied and said "i forgot"

4.8. Jev

4.8.1. because the poker fam wont play poker anymore

4.8.2. because he went to a dodger game and didnt know which team the dodgers were!

4.8.3. because i wanna play poker and not hold'em

4.8.4. because baby baby boo boo should never be said/typed/texted by a man to his gf!

4.8.5. because he wont add me on myspace

4.9. Aliw

4.9.1. because he emails with the word "respect" but doesn't know what it means.

4.10. Darren

4.10.1. cuz Darren is from london and he is not!

5. Dumbass things he has said!

5.1. I dont play poker, i play hold'em

5.2. Hilarious

5.2.1. Fantastic

5.3. You don't know me

5.4. Mojito on a summers day

5.5. Sorry you feel that way.

5.6. Mitzi and I have already discussed it and have agreed that we are going to have a long term relationship because I've been through a lot and I know what it takes to make a good relationship work, unlike you girls.

5.7. (To Rudy, upon entering with his Detroit jersey): "Yeah, I like the Pistons...At least, they don't LOSE. haha"

5.8. Sorry you feel that way

5.9. You act like you know me when you don't

5.10. Sorry you feel that way.

5.11. "We didn't come to the Super Bowl party (that Mitzi helped plan at someone else's house!) because we needed some "ALONE TIME"...even though we live together, alone...and eat meals, alone....and sleep together, alone."

5.12. I've been a Pistons fan since forever

5.13. "Partners in Crime"...cuz I cool like that.

5.14. Initially told Mitzi he was a "playah" but now he's reformed......BUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH.....He's too dayyyamm sexy for us!

5.15. thanks for the invitation sheila, wish i can, btw the piston jersey is mine, the phoenix is my baby boo boo, but i bought it for her. she doesn't like detroit.....but don't worry, ill wear it again, free country, hehehe.

5.16. whats a mocking bird michelle?

5.17. (in the middle of an argument with gmailers): "hey baby, whats for lunch? plz no dennys hehehe!"

5.18. its top secret sheila...hehehehe

5.19. (turns to a pussy when a guy finally emails): "im sorry bernie if thats how u feel....but i wasn't fighting anybody...oh yeah, i never disrespected anybody either, including the lakers...but i completely agree with u, that thats not right. " (dumb ass doesn't believe buying his girl a Suns jersey to wear to a kid's bday party after a disappointing Laker loss is not disrespect!!!

5.20. Thinks the song, "This is Why I'm Hot" is totally his song.

5.21. Baby baby boo boo

5.21.1. this comment makes me barf

5.21.2. i hate this comment the most

5.22. Made fun of our Lakers theme party

5.22.1. Said, "They're wearing lakers jerseys and there isn't even a game on!"

5.23. To Jerry after seeing Mitzis ex at Daniel's Party: "That's fucked up. I would NEVER invite one of Analiza's exes to a party

6. Dumbass things he has done!

6.1. Go to oktoberfest even though he didnt want to be there

6.1.1. he came 2 hours late Sat at the Oktuberfest bench in silence with a bored facial expression the whole night.

6.2. Pissed off Gmailers

6.3. Showed up late to his own birthday party

6.3.1. because he said Mitzi was sleeping and it was at someone else's house!

6.4. Talk to his new girlfriend's friends like he doesn't give a shit and acts like he's too good for anyone else.

6.5. Got mitzi to say and do things that she would have never done before, according to her best friend for half her life.

6.6. acts like he's the "relationship master" even though he's only been in a relationship for months and fights with his girl all day

6.6.1. New node

6.7. Showed excitement at the thought of buying condo in SCV, then when he found out he couldn't afford it, he dissed SCV and our freeway too! Knowing how proud we are of our city!

6.8. Picks fight with girls only online when hiding behind a pc

6.8.1. once more than 2 girls respond he 'goes to lunch'

6.8.2. once a guy responds he totally disappears for the day

6.9. Burnt down his apartment complex to move in with Mitzi

6.9.1. he denies doing so. but we know the truth

6.9.2. and almost burned down marshas neighborhood on 4/20 trying to light the presto log

6.10. Had Kit n Jev organize Mitzi's bday function only to take the credit for it

6.11. Picks fights with guys only over the phone, never face-to-face

6.12. Convinced sweet, happy mitzi that her friends are negative and bad and now he has her all to himself.

6.13. Takes anything we say and argues with it..just for the sake of arguing..and he barely just met us last year...rude!

6.14. Left Daniel's Birthday Party by literally pulling mitzi out (analiza as witness) because Mitzi's Ex was present

6.15. Never Participates in any of the 'theme' parties

6.16. When he appeared, all of the sudden, Mitzi's phone was always "turned off" or "on silent"...

6.17. Gave the "thumbs down' gesture in front of the Laker Fans

6.18. Has this bitter smelling "ora" about him that he wants people to believe that he is a "playah", "been through a lot", "too cool", and "experienced" but the ora makes it obvious that it stems from the insecurity that arises when he looks in the mirror.

6.19. Got mad @ Jerry because of the people he invited to his own sons party.

6.20. expected mitzis friends to pick up an drop them off @ hollywood bowl so that they could smoke out n drink @ a concert.

6.20.1. they never asked anyone for a ride

6.20.2. the assumed someone would volunteer to drop em off n pick em up they would of asked the delivery boy who would of said no. delivery service closed sun-sat

6.20.3. and no one would of dropped em off anyways 1. driver wouldnt be invited to the concert 2. driver wouldnt be able to drink 3. driver wouldnt be able to smoke 4. cheap ass passengers wouldnt even pay for gas or parking 5. its in fucking hollywood!

6.21. Wore his pistons jersey to a Laker Fan house knowing it will piss them off

6.21.1. Bought Mitzi a SUNS jersey and told her to wear it too.

6.22. made mitzi believe raja bell is here favorite player

6.22.1. also posted a comment from leondro barbosa real name leandro barbosa analiza says is leondro barbados

6.23. he didnt have to do much do look like a dork at the Halloween party

6.24. Looks like a virgin (according to Jerry and the guys) and he knows it too and that's why he pretends to be a "playah"...

6.25. After being 4 hours late to a bday party that anal threw for him, the next morning richard asked her to cook him breakfast, then left suddenly without eating it, cuz he had a fight with Mitzi.

6.26. Picked marsha, aliw, and akit to tell off in an email...not a good idea