Monthly requirements

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Monthly requirements by Mind Map: Monthly requirements

1. Payroll Bi Weekly (sup only)

1.1. Collect time edit forms as needed

2. Team Meeting Presentation

3. Quality audits

3.1. 5 Audits for fulltime employees.

3.1.1. CR Call Audit

3.1.2. CR Email Audit

3.1.3. CR Executive

3.2. 3 Audits for Part time

4. Adherence

4.1. Daily: check previous day and adjust as needed

4.2. Daily: Send team adherence email for previous day

5. Open incident report & Error Reports ( TL only)

5.1. Open incidents Daily

5.2. R2f Weekly

5.3. TPBR Daily

5.4. FS/prod Weekly

6. Call Metrics

6.1. Weekly Trend reports sent to agents

7. Coaching's

7.1. Must meet with every agent at least twice and complete coaching form

7.2. Agents on Pip's should be met with 4x a month