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1. python application


1.2. todobackend web service

1.2.1. initial setup create a todobackend project $ django-admin startproject todobackend Untitled child todobackend restructure the project layout clear separation between application code and continuous delivery workflow Untitled virtual env pip install virtualenv virtualenv venv activate venv with $ source venv/bin/activate install packages inside venv create an app python startpapp todo Untitled include the project in the app add apps in add middleware set course policy to cors_origin_allow_all

1.2.2. creating models Untitled create model TodoItem $ python make migrations todo create a subfolder migrations apply the migration python migrate by default, sqlite3 database db.sqlite3

1.2.3. creating serializers overview Untitled wire representation model representation rely on in-built django mechanism Untitled

1.2.4. creating views overview Untitled Untitled Detail view single item List view multiple items

1.2.5. configuring routing Untitled main router todoRouter adminRouter

2. application tests

2.1. unit and integration testing

2.1.1. $ python runserver

2.1.2. creating integration tests inside todo folder class TestCreateTodoItem class TestUpdateTodoItem class TestPatchTodoItem class TestDeleteTodoItem class TestDeleteAllItems python test Untitled

2.1.3. refactoring settings test against MySQL instead of SQLite use case different settings for different env when running integration test, one set of settings when running acceptance test, another set of settings settings file settings under todobackend file default / new settings layout inheritance

2.1.4. configure integration tests writing acceptance tests running acceptance tests

2.1.5. improve test output test packages django-nose pinocchio coverage update to use installed test packages Untitled

2.2. acceptance tests

2.2.1. initial setup todobackend-specs commands

2.2.2. write acceptance tests test receive cross origin requests test returned the correct CORs headers test allow all origins create todo item tests Untitled update todo items delete todo items

2.2.3. run acceptance tests overview Untitled Untitled run the application run the mocha command

3. todobackend client

3.1. provide interface

3.2. created by Justin Menga's github repo