Environmental problems

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Environmental problems by Mind Map: Environmental problems

1. Deforestation

2. radioactive pollution

3. Noise pollution

4. Water pollution

5. When people pollute rivers and oceans.

6. It is totally provoced by the humans

7. Mainly do to logging or burning trees

8. The wood usually  is used for furnitures

9. Is a result of radioactive activities

10. The damage is because nuclear power plants and atomic bombs

11. It cxan damage the enviroment for centuries

12. It is caused by the loud sounds

13. It is produced by motors and industries

14. It can lead to stress and deafness

15. Light pollution

16. It happens at night

17. It is caused by the excess of light

18. It does not allow you to see the stars.

19. garbage pollution

20. This is a risk to the health

21. This is caused by the cars and industries

22. It involves the release of chemicals  into the atmosphere

23. Athmospherical pollution

24. It can kill seaanimals.

25. The water become unusable

26. Soil pollution

27. It happens when chemicals are thrown

28. The most significants contaminants are hydrocarbons

29. This can affect water sources and crops

30. It is caused by the overpopulaton

31. It is also caused by the industries

32. Can destroy the biodiversity.

33. soil póllution