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Freud by Mind Map: Freud

1. Some problems with this:

1.1. Children without both parents

1.2. Women have no "SuperEgo" or a very weak one

1.3. Cross cultural differences

1.4. Extremely controversial:

1.4.1. Very vague ideas, can't really be tested - "That guys work is crack, he's not right, he's not even wrong"

1.4.2. "Falsifiability" - science verification predictions make strong predictions about the world that could be proven wrong, if they couldn't be proven they were strong enough science

1.4.3. Very unreliable, no way to test. Doesn't rely on experiments

2. A Little History

2.1. Born in 1850s

2.2. Spend most of his life in Vienna, Austria

2.3. Very controversial

2.4. Escaped to London right after Nazis occupied, and died in London

2.5. Coke addict

2.6. Nominated for English and Medicine Nobel - Einstein wrote a letter saying no

3. Known for

3.1. Psychoanalysis

3.1.1. Unconscious Unconscious Motivation Rejecting the claim that you know what you are doing Desires and motivations that guide your behavior that you may not be aware of 3 Processes going on in your head Unconscious dynamics - conflicts Lead to: dreams, mental illness, slips of the tongue, etc. Defense mechanisms for inner conflicts between ID and SuperEgo "Normal" "Hysteria": Blindness & deafness, paralysis, trembling, panic attacks, gaps of memory, etc.

3.1.2. Psychosexual stages - 5 stages of personality development, each associated with a particular erogenous zone If you have a problem at a certain stage you'll be stuck there - why people are the way they are 1- Oral (birth-1) Mouth is associated with Pleasure Depriving him/her of breast could make them to an "oral person" New node Trying to achieve satisfaction through mouth - why somebody might smoke/chew gum/eat too much/etc 2- Anal (1-3years) If toilet training is not handled corrected "You are unwilling to part with your own feces" Compulsive, Clean, Stingy 3- Phallic (3-5 years) Fixation can led to excessive masculinity in males; or in females the need for attention and domination Oedipus Complex - "3-4 year old loves mom, dad is in the way, child determines he is going to kill his father. Figures dad knows this, thinks the worst dad could do is castration." Conclusion: Dad is going to castrate kid for implicit love of mom, dad wins, don't think about sex until genital stage Focus of pleasure shifts to genitals 4- Latency (5-Puberty) Sexuality is repressed Children participate in hobbies, school & same-Sex friendships 5- Genitals (Puberty-on) Healthy adults find pleasure in love and work Fixated adults have their energy tied up in earlier stages Sexual feelings re-emerge and and are oriented towards others

3.1.3. Dependent or needy

3.1.4. Freudian Analysis: Free association: Patients offer resistance, psychoanalyst help get over resistance Your problem reflects something you are hiding from yourself, once you accept it, they go away

3.1.5. Dreams Viewed dreams as wish fulfillment - they had hidden implications & symbolism

3.1.6. Myth & Literature Carried universal themes, aspect unconscious struggles & preoccupations

3.1.7. Religion Viewed Monotheistic religion as seeking out a father figure they didn't have during development period

3.2. His personality:

3.2.1. Dishonest

3.2.2. Ambitious

3.2.3. High energy

3.2.4. Brutal to his friends & terrible to his enemies

3.2.5. Defensive


3.3.1. Sexual renegade Some monuments are subconsciously erected as penile representations - "Penis Envy" -

4. The good

4.1. Unconscious: Doing thing absentmindedness

4.2. New node