Pit Bull Breed Stigma

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Pit Bull Breed Stigma by Mind Map: Pit Bull Breed Stigma

1. Shelters

1.1. Euthanization

1.1.1. Aggressive behaviors

1.1.2. For being a pit bull breed Get put down even if they have shown no violence

1.1.3. Don't always have resources or money to help abused pit bulls get suitable to live with a family

1.2. Overflowing with pit bulls

1.2.1. Due to aggressive stigma

1.2.2. Insurance companies don't want to take any risk Some insurance companies allow pit bull breeds if they pass a good citizenship test for dogs

2. Dog Fighting

2.1. How are police battling dog fights?

2.1.1. Have dog fights been made illegal in all states?

2.1.2. What is the jail sentence for dog fighting?

2.2. Which states have the highest dog fighting crime rate?

2.2.1. Rural or urban areas?

2.3. Where do they take place?

2.4. How do dog fights go unnoticed sometimes?

2.4.1. Are people afraid to get involved?

3. Positive Side of Pit Bulls

3.1. Used as service dogs

3.1.1. Some people literally depend on their pit bulls daily

3.2. Therapy dogs

3.2.1. Used as listeners for young readers

3.2.2. Used to cheer people up in hospitals

3.3. What are some other ways they help society?

4. Banning Legislation

4.1. Families are losing their friendly pets

4.1.1. Get euthanized

4.1.2. Put in shelters

4.1.3. Relocated to different states What states currently allow pit bull breeds?

4.1.4. There are breeds of dogs said to be more aggressive What types of breeds are these? Chihuahua :Large dogs get mistaken as more aggressive because of their size.

4.1.5. Some families are forced to move to different states because they will not give up their dog.

4.2. People hold rallies against bans

4.3. Are there other country facing the same problem with pit bulls and placing bans?

4.4. Are there places where pit bulls are allow but must be trained or pass a certain test?