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Olympics by Mind Map: Olympics

1. Economy

1.1. What happens after an Olympics?

1.1.1. Stadiums

1.1.2. Money gained

1.1.3. People who live there

1.2. How does a country prepare for an Olympics financial?

1.2.1. increase there debt

1.2.2. Other countries help out

1.2.3. Olympic commitie help them out

2. Medals

2.1. How much is one worth?

2.2. What do people do with medals earned?

2.3. Were are they created?

2.3.1. Host country

2.3.2. China or USA

3. Crime

3.1. Russian doping

3.2. murder happens 4x a day

3.3. Ryan Lochte getting robbed

4. Sports

4.1. What new sports are added to the Olympics?

4.1.1. What is a sport?

4.2. What happens after an Olympian wins?

4.2.1. economical

4.2.2. health

4.2.3. Psychological