How does Music Affect the brain

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How does Music Affect the brain by Mind Map: How does Music Affect the brain

1. Mood

1.1. How does the genre of music make you feel a certain way?

1.2. Does Music make your heart rate go up?

2. Clothing

2.1. Do people dress off the base of the music they listen to?

2.2. Do the Music artist sell their clothing line?

3. Personality

3.1. Do people act different when they listen to a certain genre of music?

3.2. Do people like Music for the lyrics or the Music?

4. Kids

4.1. Do kids hear music the same way as adults?

4.2. What do kids think of music?

5. Genre

5.1. Do people listen to certain genres of music based on where they live?

5.2. Do athletes listen to certain genres before a game?

5.3. Does rock music affect the brain differently than rap?

6. Perspective

6.1. Does Music change the way you see things in life?

6.2. Do people compare the lyrics to their life?