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Psychology by Mind Map: Psychology

1. Dualism

1.1. believe that the mind and body are able to separate

1.2. believes that there can be and afterlife and heaven

2. Nature vs. Nurture

2.1. Nature

2.1.1. genes and biology make you who you are

2.2. Nurture

2.2.1. environment and surroundings make you who you are

3. Ancient Greece

3.1. about 2000 years ago

4. Wilhelm Wundt

4.1. How did he discover psychology?

4.1.1. first research lab for phsycholgy

4.1.2. studied reaction times, hearing, sight, etc

4.1.3. introspection reports how people felt during the trials and how their brain felt "reflective process"

4.1.4. goal to map out the brain

4.2. Structuralism

4.2.1. goal was to map out the whole brain and see where everything and feeling came from G.Stanley Hall Edward Titchener

5. Women in Physcolgy

5.1. Margaret FLoy Washburn

5.1.1. first female to receive PHD in phsycolgy president of the APA

5.2. Mary Whiton Calkins

5.2.1. student of William James 1st president of the APA

5.3. How did they decide they wanted to be in this field?

5.3.1. What are their histories?

6. William James

6.1. first psychology textbook called The Principles of Psychology

6.2. Functionalism

6.2.1. What goals were humans trying to receive by doing certain acts?

6.2.2. Charles Darwin

6.2.3. What is functionalism?

6.3. believed in the behavioral approach

7. Different Approaches

7.1. Behavioral

7.1.1. human behavior and thought due to the environment

7.1.2. said to be civil

7.1.3. "if you can't see it, then it's not real"

7.1.4. Bandura says "we reflect off our observations"

7.1.5. How does the environment actually affect the brain functioning?

7.2. Psychoanalytic/Psychodynamic

7.2.1. Sigmund Freud

7.2.2. unconscious guides our behavior What does this mean?

7.3. Humanistic

7.3.1. self actualization

7.3.2. humans need to grow and reach their full potential What does the "full" potential mean? How has a kid reached their full potential?

7.4. Biological

7.4.1. biologically something wrong with you that makes you act unusual What if there is nothing biologically wrong?

7.5. Evoluntionary

7.5.1. need to survive bases your behaviors

7.6. Cognitive

7.6.1. how people think

7.6.2. believes that if you have depression the you have somethung wrong

7.7. Sociocultural

7.7.1. community, state, and country bases your behaviors

7.7.2. Can different parenting styles determine the behaviors? Bad Parenting rude mean children Good Parenting respectful, kindness, honesty

7.8. Eclectic

7.8.1. variety of approaches that works best for their patients