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rdf:RDF by Mind Map: rdf:RDF

1. <datafield tag="041"> <subfield code="a">jpn</subfield>

2. <dc:description>Opere edite ed inedite del cardinale Giacinto Sigismondo Gerdil. 8</dc:description

2.1. <datafield tag="245"> <subfield code="a">Opere edite ed inedite del cardinale Giacinto Sigismondo Gerdil. 8</subfield> </datafield>

3. <datafield tag="650"><subfield code="a">Europe -- Maps -- Early works to 2000</subfield> <datafield tag="650"><subfield code="a">World War, 1914-1918 -- Europe -- Maps</subfield> <datafield tag="650"><subfield code="a">World War, 1914-1918--Campaigns--Eastern Front</subfield>

4. <datafield " tag="506"> <subfield code="f">Public Domain</subfield> <subfield code="u">http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain/mark/1.0/</subfield> </datafield>

5. <dc:subject>Europe -- Maps -- Early works to 2000</dc:subject> <dc:subject>World War, 1914-1918 -- Europe -- Maps</dc:subject> <dc:subject>World War, 1914-1918--Campaigns--Eastern Front</dc:subject>

6. <datafield tag="920"> <subfield code="a">map</subfield> </datafield>

7. The URL of a representation of the CHO which will be used for generating previews for use in the Europeana portal.

7.1. <datafield tag="856"> <subfield code="x">http://digitool.bibnat.ro:1801/webclient/DeliveryManager?pid=246539</subfield> </datafield>

8. dcterms:issued

9. <edm:isShownAt rdf:resource=""/>

9.1. <datafield tag="856"> <subfield code="u"></subfield> </datafield>

10. <datafield tag="650">  <subfield code="z">Debrecen</subfield> <subfield code="2">lcsh//hun</subfield> </datafield>

11. edm:ProvidedCHO=“values that relate to the original cultural heritage object  (CHO) itself, not the digital representation of it. E.g. the attributes  of  the  Mona Lisa, not the digitised image of the painting"

11.1. dc:title

11.1.1. <dc:title>Europa</dc:title> <datafield tag="245"> <subfield code="a">Europa</subfield>

11.2. dc:subject

11.3. dc:language

11.3.1. <dc:language>jp</dc:language>

11.4. dc:description

11.5. dcterms:spatial/

11.5.1. <dcterms:spatial rdf:resource="http://id.loc.gov/vocabulary/countries/hu"/>

11.6. dc:identifier

11.6.1. dc:identifier <controlfield tag="001">1_2042312</controlfield>

11.7. dc:contributor

11.7.1. dc:contributor

11.7.2. <datafield " tag="100">    <subfield code="d">1718-1802</subfield>

11.8. dc:creator

11.8.1. <datafield tag="100"> <subfield code="a">Gerdil, Giacinto Sigismondo</subfield> </datafield>

11.8.2. dc:creator

11.9. dc:date

11.9.1. <dcterms:issued>1890</dcterms:issued> <datafield tag="260"> <subfield code="c">1890</subfield>  </datafield>

11.9.2. dc:date

11.10. edm:type

11.10.1. dc:type <datafield tag="710">  <subfield code="a">Berliner Lithographisches Institut</subfield> </datafield>

11.11. dcterms:issued

11.12. dcterms:extent

11.12.1. dcterms:externt <dcterms:extent>1 f : Xilogravură color</dcterms:extent>

12. edm:AggregatedCHO=“A set of related resources (Aggregated Resources), grouped together such that the set can be treated as a single resource. This is the entity described within the  ORE interoperability framework by a Resource Map."

12.1. edm:isShownAt

12.2. edm:isShownBy

12.2.1. <edm:isShownBy rdf:resource="http://digitool.bibnat.ro/webclient/DeliveryManager?pid=246539"/> <datafield tag="856">    <subfield code="x">http://digitool.bibnat.ro:1801/webclient/DeliveryManager?pid=246539</subfield>  </datafield>

12.3. edm:object

12.3.1. Name or identifier of the data provider

12.3.2. edm:object/edm:isShownBY

12.4. edm:provider

12.4.1. Name or identifier of the provider of the object

12.5. edm:dataProvider

12.6. edm:rights

12.6.1. Corresponding values from here dc:rights

13. edm:WebResource=“attributes of the digital representation of  the provided cultural heritage object, not the cultural heritage    object itself.”

13.1. dc:format

13.2. dc:description

13.3. dcterms:created

13.4. dcterms:extent

13.5. dcterms:isPartOf

13.6. edm:rights

14. edm:ProvidedCHO

15. edm:AggregatedCHO

16. edm:WebResource