abortion is WRONG (pro-life)

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abortion is WRONG (pro-life) by Mind Map: abortion is WRONG (pro-life)

1. when a women decides to abort her child she is killing that little human being.

2. There is many different painful ways you could abort a child

2.1. medical abortion (take medicine to kill the baby)

2.1.1. D&A dilation and aspiration D&C dilation and curretage partial abortion

3. what causes the women to kill the children?

3.1. They don't want the child

3.1.1. They say they aren't ready some use abortion as a form of birth control

4. at what point is a child alive?

4.1. the child is alive as soon as it starts to grow (when the sperm hits the egg)

5. at what point can a child feel the abortion?

6. when can they feel pain?

6.1. babies can feel pain at 20 weeks

7. when does the child heart start beating?

7.1. the heart starts beating at the fifth week of the pregnancy, or the third week after conception

8. when can a child start hearing?

9. the competing side is abortion is ok because its the mother choice

9.1. they are murdering there child how is that ok?!

10. when an abortion is done it dosen't just kill the baby it also hurts the mother

10.1. the mother has physical and emotional effects

10.2. physical

10.2.1. right after the abortion many encounter vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea, and intense cramps. complications such as damage to the cervix, scarring of the uterine lining, infection or sepsis, and perforation of the uterus may happen even though its rare the mother could die during the procedure. any surgery could be fatal

10.3. emotional

11. why isn't abortion illegal yet?

12. how many girls use abortion as a form of birth control

13. how many babies are killed from abortion each year?

13.1. each week?

13.1.1. each day? each hour?