Children in Foster Homes

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Children in Foster Homes by Mind Map: Children in Foster Homes

1. what process does a family go through to become a foster family?

1.1. is it too easy?

1.1.1. the state of Kentucky is "in desperate need" of foster families, will they accept just anyone at this point?

1.2. do people do it for the right reasons?

1.2.1. a psychological evaluation should be done on potential foster parents they need to genuinely care for the child, the child should get to meet and spend time with their foster family before moving in to ensure they have the correct chemistry needed to bond as a family

1.3. what kind of screening process does a caregiver go through to become state-certified?

1.3.1. process should be difficult

1.3.2. income should be a factor in deciding whether or not a caregiver is certified make under a certain amount-- should not be certified because they are probably just doing it for the money

2. how long does a foster family keep their foster child?

2.1. does the child get to speak up if they are unhappy in a foster home?

2.1.1. or possibly leave the home?

2.1.2. an unhappy foster child can be dangerous

3. are children in foster care treated fairly?

3.1. does anyone from the foster care office check on the child?

3.2. do social workers do enough to make sure the child is safe and nurtured?

4. should children in foster care be required to see a therapist regularly to cope with stress?

4.1. foster children have a reputation of being reckless and rebellious

4.2. if foster family is not helping the child deal with their problems, who is?

5. children in foster homes with biological children of the caregiver, dangerous or not?

5.1. jealousy can lead the foster child or biological child to be a bully, causing turbulence in the home