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Eschatology by Mind Map: Eschatology

1. The study of death

1.1. Concerned with the final events of history

1.2. The ultimate destiny of humanity

1.3. The part of theology concerned with death, judgement, and the final destiny of the soul and humankind.

2. Christianity

2.1. The intermediate state

2.1.1. Heaven

2.1.2. Hell

2.1.3. Return of Jesus

2.1.4. Resurrection of the dead

2.2. Evangelical denominations

2.2.1. The rapture

2.2.2. A great tribulation

2.2.3. The millennium

2.2.4. End of the world

2.2.5. The last judgement

2.2.6. A new heaven and a new earth

3. Islam

3.1. The day of judgement

3.1.1. The final judgement by God.

3.2. 10 Signs will appear

3.2.1. Smoke

3.2.2. The antichrist

3.2.3. The creature

3.2.4. The rising of the sun in the west

3.2.5. The second coming of jesus

3.2.6. The emergence of Gog and Magog A prophesized enemy of God´s people.

3.2.7. Three sinkings One in the east One in the west One in the Arabian Peninsula

4. Judaism

4.1. The end of days

4.1.1. Ingathering of the exiled diaspora

4.1.2. Coming of jewish messiah

4.1.3. Afterlife

4.1.4. Revival of the dead Tsadikim

5. Science

5.1. The sun

5.1.1. Turn into a red giant in 5 billion years

5.1.2. Life on earth will perish Rise in temperatures