Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Dr Joseph Murphy

Brainstorm the goals of a project according to the SMART principle

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Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Dr Joseph Murphy by Mind Map: Power of Your Subconscious Mind - Dr Joseph Murphy

1. How to receive guidance from Sub-conscious

1.1. 1. Quiet the mind and still the body. Relax completely

1.2. 2. Put your focus on solving the problem. Consciously

1.3. 3. Start feeling happy - as if the problem has already been solved!

1.4. 4. Let your mind play with that happiness and satisfaction as you go to sleep

1.5. 5. You may not get the answer after 1st night. But it will come

2. Conscious v/s Subconscious

2.1. Your MOST important JOB:

2.1.1. Get the Sub-conscious to accept the idea Once the sub-conscious accepts an idea, it begins to execute on it It will bring all it's powers to bear on that idea

2.2. Conscious

2.2.1. Like navigator or captain of the ship

2.2.2. Reasoning Mind

2.2.3. It chooses

2.2.4. Objective Deals with external objects

2.2.5. Its greatest function = Reasoning

2.2.6. The habitual thinking of your conscious Establishes deep grooves in the sub-conscious

2.3. Sub-conscious

2.3.1. Subject to the conscious mind Hence called subjective mind

2.3.2. It takes the orders based on what the conscious believes to be true

2.3.3. It accepts what you impress on it Or what you consciously believe

2.3.4. It does not prove or disprove It just accepts No matter how false

2.3.5. Impersonal

2.3.6. Non-selective

2.3.7. Subjective Seat of intuition and emotions

2.3.8. It does its highest function when the objective is not functioning

2.3.9. A Suggestion can not impose itself on the sub-conscious against the will of your conscious

2.3.10. Does not respond to force

2.3.11. It is like a bank IT increases whatever you deposit in it Whether it is the idea of

2.3.12. William James said The power to move the world is in your sub-conscious mind

3. Blueprint OF YOUR LIFE

3.1. You are building your mental home all the time

3.1.1. Your thoughts and mental imagery are the blueprint

3.2. Every moment, you are building your life in your mind


3.2.2. You never get a BREAK

3.3. And whatever blueprint you are creating in your thoughts is what sub-conscious is working on

4. Mind = Garden

4.1. Think of it like a Garden

4.1.1. Conscious The gardner Planting the seeds of thoughts

4.1.2. Sub-conscious The bed of rich soil It will grow plants according to the seeds that have been sown

4.1.3. Thoughts The seeds themselves

5. Keys to Communicating with Subconscious


5.1.1. IMAGINATION always WINS When desire and imagination are in conflict imagination always wins If you are focussed on obstacles, you cant imagine the outcome No matter how much you desire, Imagination always WINS Enter a DROWSY sleepy state Quiets the conscious mind This is when sub-conscious is most susceptible Imagine the fulfillment of your desire just as you are falling asleep IMAGINATION is our most powerful faculty

5.1.2. ACTing AS IF Act as if the outcome you want is a reality right now

5.1.3. FEELing IT RIGHT NOW Feel the thrill of the accomplishment and the sub-conscious will make it real for you


5.2.1. HABITUAL THOUGHTS Sub-conscious is always manifesting, reproducing and creating whatever is in our habitual thoughts Just keep the conscious mind busy with the expectation of the very best And the sub-conscious will faithfully reproduce it If you dwell on obstacles, delays and problems, that is what the sub-conscious will attract

5.2.2. When your attention wanders Bring it back to imagining the goal accomplished Make a habit out of it

5.2.3. AUTOSUGGESTION Suggesting something definite and specific to oneself

5.3. Exercise

5.3.1. When it comes to your most important goal/desire - what are your dominant thoughts/imaginations THoughts Imaginations?

6. 5 Exercises to program yourself for Success

6.1. Mental Movie

6.1.1. The subconscious will bring to pass any picture held in your mind and backed by faith

6.1.2. Create a mental movie in your mind of the successful outcome

6.1.3. Just before going to sleep, put on the mental movie

6.1.4. Michael Phelps - "Put in the Video tape"

6.2. Sleep time

6.2.1. Our conscious slows down just before going to sleep and just upon waking up

6.2.2. This is when the sub-conscious is most suggestible

6.2.3. Go to sleep in a deeply satisfied state - knowing that it has been done

6.2.4. Imagine your loved one congratulating you on accomplishing it!

6.3. Feel it in a Finished state

6.3.1. Not as something that will come to pass in future

6.3.2. It is DONE

6.3.3. Dont try to force it

6.3.4. Just feel the thrill of the finished state

6.3.5. The feeling of wealth produces wealth

6.3.6. Act as though I am and I will be

6.4. Brief Phrase

6.4.1. 1. Condense the ultimate outcome into a brief phrase

6.4.2. 2. Get into a sleepy, drowsy state

6.4.3. 3. Repeat the brief phrase over and over like a lullaby

6.4.4. Example I am a millionaire I am wealthy Wealth

6.5. Affirmations

6.5.1. To affirm is to state that it is SO Regardless of all evidence to contrary

6.5.2. Repeating your affirmation leads to a state consciousness Where it accepts the affirmation as true

6.5.3. Keep on affirming till you get the result you desire

6.5.4. Example I am a hard working, ambitious entrepreneur and I run a million dollar business.

6.5.5. Example I am a millionaire as of