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Animal Abuse by Mind Map: Animal Abuse

1. Concern

1.1. Why would anyone be cruel to animals ?

1.2. Can you report animal abuse anonymously ?

1.3. Are these peoples just mentally ill ?

1.4. How can you find out animal abuse is happening in a house hold with out seeing it ?

2. Circus's

2.1. Lately theirs been a lot of talk that to get animals to do tricks for a circus they abuse the animal until they do the tricks right.

2.2. There has been videos all over social media of people hitting an shoving and stabbing the animals to do the tricks the right way, or just teaching them and they don't know what theyre doing the hurt the animals.

2.3. That's like another person shooting you for breathing. It doesn't make sense, does it ?

2.4. So ask yourself ( the abusers ) Why do i do this to these poor animals that did no harm to me ?

2.5. Literally, i think animal abusers are just pathetic an low life.

2.6. Animals are always there for when people are down they try any way possible to put a smile on your face they care about us... so why do them that way?

3. Owners

3.1. i think if you abuse an animal you deserve to be punished in any way possible.

3.1.1. Why hurt a animal that caused you no harm?

3.1.2. How come people own a animal they're not going to take care of ?

3.1.3. What causes people to do this?

3.1.4. How does it not make them feel bad to hurt a innocent animal?

4. Thought Process

4.1. What goes on in someones head while they're Harming animals ?

4.2. Are they taking they're anger out on the animal because of something that's happened to them in the past ?