Seat Belts

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Seat Belts by Mind Map: Seat Belts

1. More dangerous than helpful?

1.1. When people get in a wreck, the seat belt could cut them.

1.1.1. The seat belt is right up against your neck. If cut, the wound could get infected or have debris lodged in it in the process of a collision.

1.2. Could the seat belt give them whiplash in the collision of another car or object?

1.2.1. While the seat belt stops your body from the chest down, it could make your head snap forward creating serious head/neck trauma.

1.3. Is wearing a seat belt when driving really effective?

2. Counterargument

2.1. Seat belt would prevent you from going through the dashboard.

2.2. Could prevent broken bones (certain areas, not all)

2.2.1. Collar bones, Sternum, broken teeth and facial bones, etc.

2.3. Keeps your back pressed against the seat.

2.3.1. No further injuries if the back and spine are supported and secure.

3. For some people, seat belts are uncomfortable.

3.1. They choose to not put it on because it causes them discomfort.

3.1.1. People who suffer from things like claustrophobia may feel confined if a seat belt is holding them down.

3.1.2. Anxiety could make a person feel like they are more prone to an accident if they are wearing a seat belt.

3.2. Depending on how fast the person moves depicts whether or not the seat belt will lock up.

3.2.1. If a driver has to swerve to get out of the way of something, the seatbelt could lock itself up causing them to not be able to move fast enough.

4. New car models are so safe.

4.1. Newer year models are designed to be so safe, a seatbelt almost isn't necessary.

4.1.1. These newer model cars have built-in sensors that have a better reaction time than normal humans do. This enables the car to put on the brakes before our foot even touches the pedal.