NYC Headshot

Wireframe of NYC Headshot marketing strategy.

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NYC Headshot by Mind Map: NYC Headshot

1. PPC & Paid Social Strategy

1.1. PPC

1.1.1. Ad Copy Professional Headshots - Studio Photography Corporate Headshots - Studio Photography High-end Corporate Photography High-end Headshot Photographer in NYC Look As Professional As You Are Business Headshot Photographer in NYC

1.2. Targeted Ads

1.2.1. Facebook Ad Copy NYC’s Leading Headshot Photographer High-end Corporate Photographer

1.2.2. LinkedIn Ad Copy Best Business Headshot Photographer Best Company Headshot Photographer High-end Company Photos High-end Business Headshots

1.2.3. Targeted Landing Page

1.3. Remarketing Ads

1.3.1. Facebook Ad Copy NYC's Top Headshot Photographer High-end Corporate Photographer

1.3.2. AdWords Display Ad Copy NYC"s Leading Headshot Photography Studio Top Professional Headshot Photography NYC

1.3.3. Remarketing Landing Page

2. Resources

2.1. Director

2.1.1. Matt Santos [email protected]

2.2. Team Members

2.2.1. Amy LaVange [email protected]

2.2.2. Steven Athay [email protected]

2.2.3. Andrea Garcia [email protected]

2.3. Teamwork

3. Overview

3.1. Goals

3.1.1. Month 2: 25-35 leads

3.1.2. Month 3: 50-100 leads

3.1.3. Month 4+: 100+ leads

3.2. Buyer Personas

3.2.1. Doctors MD, DDS, etc. Wealthy Prestigious lifestyle Want to look as professional as possible Create their own professional brand

3.2.2. Business Bachelor, Masters, PhD Wealthy C-Suite, senior executives Executive assistents HR coordinator Law, banks, investment, brokers Build professional brand (firm/personal) Wealthy

3.2.3. Creatives Actors/artists 25-40 Some relevant education/classes (may or may not have degree Acting/filming classes Established actors

3.3. Customer Journey

3.3.1. Awareness Experiencing and expressing symptoms of a problem or opportunity. Customer feels his/her brand (personal or business) isn't professional, conveying the right message, etc.

3.3.2. Consideration Problem or opportunity has now been clearly defined and given a name. Customer knows they need a professional headshot for themselves or company.

3.3.3. Decision Making A solution strategy, method or approach has been decided. Customer has found NYC Headshot and is ready to book a session.

4. Deployment Strategies

5. SEO Strategy

5.1. SEO

5.1.1. Onsite Optimization Title tags Meta description Headers Alt tags Internal links 404s Google Search Console Site speed Keyword focused page content Link profile audit and cleanup

5.1.2. Offsite Optimization Backlink profile audit and cleanup Social sharing plugins

5.1.3. Linkbuilding

5.1.4. Content

5.2. Local SEO

5.2.1. Citation Building

5.2.2. Google My Business

6. Content Strategy

6.1. Blog Post Concepts

6.1.1. Month 2 Blogs Take Control of the First Impression Hiring a Photographer: What to Look For 12 Best Photographers in New York Side by Side Comparison (True High Quality vs "High Quality" Equipment)

6.1.2. Month 3 Blogs Creating Your Personal Brand Company Headshots and Professional Portraits: DOs and DON'Ts For Your Company How Do I Know When It's Time to Update My Professional headshot? eBook Blog

6.2. LookBook

6.2.1. Business Micro-Lookbook

6.2.2. Medical Professional Micro-Lookbook

6.2.3. Creative Professional Micro-Lookbook

6.3. Step By Step Headshot eBook

6.3.1. The guide to the best headshot Pick your headshape Pick your skin tone What to wear with these types of face shapes What colors to wear with your skin tones What not to do

6.4. Datasheets

6.4.1. Differences in Quality of Equipment Match up NYC Headshot Equipment to General Industry Equipment Lens Lighting

7. Opportunities

7.1. 360 Virtual Tour

7.2. Video

7.2.1. Tape photography sessions Leverage on Facebook, PreRoll, YouTube

8. Social Media

8.1. Social Media Optimization

8.1.1. Optimize the profiles

8.1.2. Provide Matt with content to post on his accounts