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1. Donate to organizations like the Salmon Conservation and Restoration that work to restore habitats

2. Build places of entertainment, schools and hospitals in rural areas to encourage rural residents to stay in their areas without having to migrate to the cities

3. Jada Johnson

4. How might we help low income youth stay motivated and successful in school?

4.1. Organize free tutoring sessions, volunteer with El Sistema inspired BRAVO Youth Orchestras, work as a Peer Mentor to provide low cost lessons, organize used book drives.

5. Social media is one of the best tools to spear awareness into the community and make it more open minded by spearing ideas through graphic designing or by posting ideas through Facebook,Twitter .. etc

5.1. How might we keep the air clean to reduce the diseases?

5.1.1. Well I think the best solution to make an organisation or volunteer in any organisations that support this subject that this organisation work to make the people realise the best way to keep the air clean and keep their bodies from the diseases for example there are a lot of ways to make the air clean

5.1.2. Don't burn wood or trash. Instead of burning debris, start a compost pile in your backyard for organic materials ...instead of burning the trash we can recycling the trash like what the volunteers did in Nigeria

5.1.3. 3. Turn off your car’s engine while waiting for someone and try to avoid drive-through lines.. well cars are one of the most affecting things for the air if you just turn on your car and wait for about 2 hours can you imagine Pollution that will happen ? And I prefer walking more than using a car walking is very good on health and we can have less pollution from walking


6.1. Ali Badr

6.1.1. How might we help generate electricity for 24 hours? we as the key to change can do many things to solve this issue we can start  simply by turn of things that we do not need we can also start some online campaign to teach people the best way to use Electricity also use the schools to teach student .Other thing the government must do is that our country IRAQ needs about 21,000 MW to generate 24 hour Electricity however we give by 2016 only 13,000 MW so we need a lot more

6.2. Fatima Fadhil

6.2.1. How might we spread awareness about the school and how bad child labour is? social campaigns , presenting courses in primary schools and workshops for youths to rise awareness about child labour and share it

6.3. Nedi Ahmed

6.3.1. How might we stop prevent girls for go to school in countries '? There's a good way and that's by give their parents money and some Temptations, so by that some parents will give in and allow to their daughters to go to school.

6.4. Aws Al-Mamoori

6.4.1. How might we can stop the families send their children working in the factories or anywhere? I think that volunteering in one of the civil society organizations to support and assist needy families and displaced persons that this will ease from sending their children to work as well as awareness of the importance of education in their children's lives, and this will change their perspective of live for their children to the community and this thing will help them understand their rights in society and in the future may they will be able to change their community for the better as well as I also think that the awareness of the people  from social media and building organizations accredited by donating electronically to help responsible(civil society organizations) for the care of these families.


7.1. Ali Alsaffar


8.1. Ali Mohammed Hasan

8.1.1. How could we stop The deterioration of agriculture in Iraq and the population migration from the rural areas to the cities? Local product support through buy it instead of the imported product which will provide financial income for farmers so they will stay in the rural areas and don’t migrate to cities

8.2. Moamal Alzahid


9.1. Maryam Al-Ghezi

9.1.1. Daniel McCorquodale How might we convince homeless people to get help, and get them out of a negative loop?

9.2. Mohammad Alattar

9.3. How might we post advertisement about jobs and how to decrease the begging?

9.3.1. we can advertise for a job by using some different  new ways for advertisement for example human advertisement like advertise some words or shapes that leads to the main idea of this work, such as using the front of the face because this the first part of the human that our eyes looking for, and this way is more helpful because the human normally get up at morning to work, after work go shopping, and at night visiting relatives, and when posting a photo for him on Facebook or another social media, all them friends can see our advertisement, so our advertisement from one person, in one day, go long around all the person's city. also we have to advertise by using social media from our personal account or some famous pages, also we can advertise for any job by using a big campaign and with TV channels also. now we have a begging, these two subjects are really in relative, because we can decrease the begging by allowing the good job for these poor people, and poor people can know about the job by advertisement, every local government can also make a plan for searching how many poor people we have in our city, after that these poor people can reach them some money from high monthly income families, and from charitable organisations, thus people that do begging can receive money hardly enough for their living, and can work, and may be they can take a small salary from the government, and also we can do a charity project for helping poor people by collecting the excessive wearing and food and ask people if they can give us a few money for helping the poor people in purpose of decreasing the begging.


10.1. Ahmed Hussein

10.1.1. How might we make our community more open minded and more supportive to the new ideas and dreams? For us as young teenagers We Can be the first step for the change by helping and supporting each other without waiting by too many ways like : Organize events that give the oppertunity for talented people to perform their talents I'm working on that in my city by Organizing AL-Diwaniyah city peace carnival , That carnival allows youth to express themselves by their talents like singing or playing music or anyone who have got a special talent He can participate in the carnival to perform his talent and to help to spear the peace at the same time . The carnival is a public one so everyone can attend and see the youth talents and abilities so by that helps the people to be more open minded to the difference.

10.2. Husein Mohammedhusein


11.1. Bavyan Salih

11.1.1. How to provide help to employing a local population in Kurdistan  immediately and effectively? Don't employing foreign people (mean who aren't kurdish population ) , and give those chances to our youths or our population Don't employing foreign people (mean who aren't kurdish population ) , and give those chances to our youths or our population Our youths should depend more about independent jobs Government should creat a system or release a law that makes everyone equal ,for example:those who work full time ( 2 jobs or more) switching it to half time ( make it a 1 job) let's be more clear ,for example: I don't have a job when Mrs.Jennifer has (2 jobs ) by a law I can take your second job legally and without having damages for you and that make a great balance too, if it will damage to you then they will not give me that job, that's one of the best solution Become a New Watershed Stewards

11.2. Rovan Al Jaf

11.3. Daru Kamal


12.1. Camilla Green

12.2. Evelyn Jenkins

12.2.1. How might we l give homeless people more tools and resources to escape their current situation? 1. Have places where homeless people can go to get cleaned up, get a haircut, and borrow secondhand professional clothes so that they don't get turned away from job interviews. 2. Instead of focusing law enforcement on kicking homeless people out of places that they're trying to sleep (park benches, storefronts, or curbs) focus law enforcement on protecting homeless people from getting attacked by gangs, hazings, or other violent crime.

12.3. Emily Frazer-Abel

12.4. Christian Gilse

12.5. Liliana Brunner

12.5.1. How might we create safe communities for refugees and immigrants where they feel accepted by Americans? We can create organizations to bring different cultures together to create friendship and understanding between different people

12.6. Megan Lucas

12.7. Olivia Almon

12.7.1. How might we bring to people's awareness these topics of domestic abuse and relationship violence in young people?

12.8. Raquel Smith

12.8.1. How might we give impoverished families the skills they need to survive in the modern day world?

12.9. Max Fireman Schiavoni

12.10. Daniel McCorquodale

12.10.1. How might we convince homeless people to get help, and get them out of a negative loop? 1.) I can pass out fliers with contact information of institutions who want to help the homeless population; essentially advertising. 2.) Go to an insititution directly an ensure they are doing the most they can to keep the homeless population at a sustainable level, and helping the people who want out get out.,


13.1. Lizbeth Lopez

13.1.1. How might we spread the word about cyber-bullying around the world and in the community? It is simple really. We need to start telling everyone around us to speak up and not be afraid speak of their issues with others. We need to start in school. We have to ask teachers for help to spread the word and we need students to start thinking about the way they are affecting others online. We have to spread awareness in our communities and all over the world. Many magazines, social media services, and/or schools should make announcements and tell everyone about the bullying online because it happens all over the internet. If someone sees something they need to speak up and tell someone who and where someone is being bullied online.

13.2. Lauren Bartels

13.2.1. How might we pay off CPS's debts and continue to pay pensions without negatively impacting students? There is no easy answer to the cps budget problem, politicians have been working at it for years and been unable to solve the issue. In order to allow CPS to slowly start to pay off their debts, we can petition against the building of new schools and annexes until they are out of debt. We can also petition for the same funding as the rest of public schools.


14.1. Hannah Kelley

14.1.1. How might we incorperate youth experiencing houselessness to the community, to create a greater environment of opportunity and inclusion? A) Create events and conduct outreach to bring houseless youth communities and other young people together, such as creating community murals. B) Offer resources to attend places of education, sucha as bus passes. C) Train police how to better interact with young people ecperiencing houselessness

14.2. Fumika Mizuno

14.3. Jonathan Huang

14.3.1. How might we can stop the families send their children working in the factories or anywhere?

14.4. Selene Coiffard-D'Amico

14.4.1. How might we create accepting communities without killing a neighborhood's culture? How might we find a way to deal with gentrification without stifling it? Help communities grow wealthier without pushing out the poorer residents? A) Create a movement that educates people on the history of the neighborhood and the importance of the culture and community that lives there. B) & C) Improve community housing and spread awareness about the need to support those who already live there, if we create an incentive not to push residents out, nobody will try to.

14.5. Noah Kurzenahuser

14.5.1. How might we introduce a program such as DYLEP into Portland Schools and Ghanian schools? Partner with an organization that already works with Ghanian and Portland schools (I'm a coordinator for one) Use crowd-source based funding or write grants through the above mentioned organization to cover the monetary side of things. Make connections with people who work with schools in Ghana and figure out what they lack in preparation for the program, and find a way to get those things.

14.6. William Trinh


15.1. Aleah DeSchmidt

15.1.1. How might we reduce the amount of pollution and destruction happening to the salmon habitats? Volunteer with one of the many projects going on or being planned, listed on http://hws.ekosystem.us/

16. Noah Cortez

16.1. How can we end stereotyping?

16.1.1. By education and non biased media

17. Hama Shwany

18. By establishing human development courses for parents to make them aware of the importance of protecting children's rights . State care for orphans and provide the necessities to keep them from work. Participate in social gatherings and humanitarian Almndmat and educate the audience the issue of child labor. The establishment of laws to prevent the kids out of the schools. Working children observe and talk to them and find out the reasons for the work and provide the necessary assistance for them to stop their working.

19. Maryam Alwakeel

19.1. How might we can change the country by new laws that can stops the working of the children?

20. Rami MulaAli

20.1. How might we report cases of corruption?

20.1.1. -We can report cases of corruption by the Commission of Integrity  as independent Commission that no one tampered by their affaires and their independen decisions

20.1.2. -We can report the cases of corruption by the social media through expose the corrupt but with the official documents that prove the corrupt is implicated

21. we can collecting amount of money from charity people or organizations for building an apartment to the homeless people

22. -find jobs for the young in the camp, if they get money ,they can develop their selves


23.1. Miranda Straubel


24.1. Aya Al-Shakarchi

24.1.1. Children at home and primary schools need to be taught that's it's okay to not be just like everyone else,for example if there was a boy who's likes playing with dolls because all people have different interests and that he shouldn't be ashamed of it or anything he need to be taught that's it's an okay thing and nobody has the right to tell him what he should like or dislike and the same goes  to girls,actually it should be the parents job to do that,however I think that schools and parents should have a connection so they could discuss the children matters and they should work together to teach the children both males and females that they should respect each other.

24.2. Ahmed Al-Haddad

24.2.1. How might we can help the government to save the citizens? 1-maybe to buy some cameras to control on the streets to know the sources of any violations. 2-Asking for help from engineers and mechanics to fixed any unactive traffic lights instead of the police traffics.

24.3. Noor Kamiel

24.3.1. how might can we reduce the illiteracy rate in the community to a minimum ? by defining  to illiterates the importance of education , through the creation of organizations  helping spread the importance of education and proper planning to get rid of this problem  finally put laws for compulsory education throughout the country .

24.4. Ahmed Al-Jorani

24.4.1. How we might stop gender discrimination in schools? Here's a good way to Reduce gender discrimination in the classroom. Without realizing it, many teachers favor male students. This may come in the form of asking boys more difficult questions or interrupting girl students while they are speaking. Teachers should learn about gender discrimination, how they may be discriminating and what they can do to stop it.

24.5. Daniah Al-Zobyde

24.5.1. first to end the poverty problem we have  to get money we can get this money by do something that we interested in ,for example you are chef (you like cooking ) you can make booth in any festivals and buy your cook and the money you get give it to family need it, we have to give them to one of the family to start their own work   with this money, like what we say "hit two birds with one stone " so you do what you like and also help poor family also from this money you can put them in training courses for girls learn them sewing for boys mechanical that can also help them to start work and get money by what they learn , if they solve the money problem they can get a good education and also we can do awareness campaigns by social media to respect the poor students not hate them because they are people like any others and also to end of child labor...

24.5.2. How might we end the poverty problem and offer to them a good education?

24.6. Abdullah Almufti

24.7. how might we put an end to the poverty ?

24.7.1. we can say that the solution for the poverty problem is in the hands of the rich and powerful people So here is the problem starts because the rich and powerful people won't know how these people live,what they eat, what they do to get a food and who they survive and in this case the problem won't be solved So we have to make the solution in hands of people who live with the poor people who know what need to reach to our goal

24.8. Ibrahim Naeem

24.9. Maes Mazin

24.10. Mena Al-Gburi

24.10.1. How might we make the government provide a social care system for the Iraqi citizens?

24.11. Mina Kaky

24.11.1. How might we help people to get good services? Until now, there are diseases with no vaccines. we could provide vaccines for each disease, by developing medical devices And examine each disease, prevention methods and treatment. we can make some kind of campaign that can help in that matter by providing what's needed.

24.11.2. How might we teach people the education of not using their own cars for everywhere and do not cut plants? How might we give a lot of attention to the youth and taking them away from getting involved in violence stream? How might we provide vaccines for each disease? showing them the miserable  end of this road and how many cool things in their lifr they will miss if they went into these groups Posting ads on Facebook and social media  and  on TV to teach people to protect the environment from the poisonous car gases Sharing the idea of (Help the Green Souls) and teach students in schools to tell their parents to reduce using their cars for everywhere Share the organizations that help the environment and make lectures everywhere to educate people how to reduce t]using their cars by giving people who attend  bicycles for free

24.12. Teba Al-Jamadar

24.13. Mohammed Abdulzahra

24.13.1. How might we provide help to homeless children and people all around Iraq?

24.14. Muhammad A. Salih

24.15. Rand Abbas

24.15.1. How might we help the homeless people?

24.15.2. We can make a account on any social media that helps raise awareness and telling people not to waste excess water or electricity so that all people get their need of it.

24.16. Rand Alsamah

24.16.1. 2)we can donate for them some money or food or clothes or any think could help them and make a smile on their faces.

24.16.2. We can help them by many ways such as :1)The fight against poverty because the poverty is the most the most common causes of homelessness.

24.17. Saad Hussein Ali

24.18. Sara Ayser

24.19. we can start by creating organizations that took care of homeless children then doing some volunteer jobs to get them some food give them money and we need to get them off the streets by building more shelters to them

24.20. Zainab Majeed

24.20.1. 3)Urging them to go to the school evasion from it

24.21. Fadi Bajjaw

24.21.1. How might we enhance the education system in Iraq ? the ministry of education should upgrade the school books every year and make them advanced and more fun(because they are so backward and boring now). we should give the students the chance to show their talents and encourage them to upgrade their talents. Provide healthy food,clean water ,school supplies and good school buildings for all students. Stop the pressure on the students that may made by giving them many examinations and homeworks those take lots of time to solve them and provide more time at school for arts,sports,clubs,music, and many many other things which lead the students to love their schools . Force the parents to send their children to school not to work and make the families be aware of how the school is important in our life.




27.1. Sawa Al-Hadad

27.2. How might we build lots of schools and we don't have money?

27.2.1. How can we promote fairer wages? Probably by doing multiple campaigns and organize meetings with diferent organizations that can handle such issues and also by raising a petition for the governing  body to look at. We can build schools even if we don't have money we can build schools by raising funds from charity organizations and charity markets and by making a campaign or the government can take debt from other countries.

27.2.2. Money shouldn't really be considered an isue

27.3. Bareq Al Lami

27.4. Hasan Sinan

27.5. Kamal Kamal

27.6. Mohammed Seerwan

27.6.1. how might we help homeless people ? we can build some charity hospital by gitting support of government or charity organizations and we can make an event or campaign to giving cloth or food to them


28.1. Dara Ibrahim

28.1.1. How might we provide better living conditions for the refugees in the camps? -Donate money for the organizations or helping them to get money (by charity events) -provide clean water for the camp -give each family of them monthly salary -allow them to complete their study

28.2. Mohammed Habeeb


29.1. Sylvia Ashford

29.2. Jennifer Chen

29.2.1. How might we provide help to homeless people in Washington, DC immediately? Volunteer at Martha's Kitchen in DC, which makes and delivers food to the homeless. 2. Garden without pesticides. There are many healthy and safe alternatives to harmful cosmetic pesticides .. and the pesticides are dangerous for the health Go to events at World Learning and pick up the leftover food. Deliver the food to the homeless people near the office.

29.2.2. How might we let parents know that their daughters isn’t an object that they can sell to any man who would pay more money? 1-The right solution to this problem is to start making signs and protests against the government to make a law that forbids girls getting married under the age of 18 and once someone penetrate that law, they would be imprisoned Whether its the father of the husband. 2-Improve gender diversity that helps businesses perform better signals that self-interest and common interest can come together. 3-we can establish online and social media movement that can empower those young women to be what God made them be rather than trying to make them what we think they should be. Our world would be a better place if women are allowed to equally play major roles as men.


30.1. Ahkeel Timothy