I can't accept not Trying - Michael Jordan

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I can't accept not Trying - Michael Jordan by Mind Map: I can't accept not Trying - Michael Jordan

1. Goals - Step by Step

1.1. His Story

1.1.1. Ultimate Goal = Being the Best

1.1.2. At age 15 he was cut from varsity team Whenever he didn't feel like working out or got tired Closed his eyes Saw the list in the locker room without his name on it

1.1.3. Spent the whole summer focussing on becoming a starter

1.1.4. Went to UNC after high school Friends and Family told him to go to Air Force Academy

1.2. Set Short term goals

1.2.1. reasonable, manageable goals

1.2.2. Go for the next one after you hit the one in front of you

1.3. If your goal is to make a million $s in business over the next 2 years

1.3.1. But right now you are making $500/month

1.3.2. What should be the next goal? ?

1.3.3. And then what should be the next goal after that? ?

1.3.4. Don't focus on becoming millionaire as the only benchmark for success

1.4. What is your big goal over the next 2-5 years?

1.4.1. What is your immediate goal over the next month?

1.4.2. What will be your goal once you hit that goal?

2. Fear is an illusion

2.1. Never think of the consequences of missing a shot

2.2. Nothing is standing in your way

2.2.1. It's just an opportunity to do your best and gain some success

2.3. Find fuel in Failure

2.3.1. Failure can make you try harder

2.4. I can accept failure

2.4.1. Everyone fails at something But I can't accept not trying

2.5. Forget about the outcome

2.5.1. If standing at free throw line Did not think of 10 million people watching Thought about all the times he had made it Just forget about the outcome

3. There are no Shortcuts

3.1. UNC after High School

3.1.1. Because lot of players were getting drafted in NBA

3.1.2. Friends/Family wanted him to take the easy route

3.2. Approach practice like real games

3.2.1. You can't turn performance on and off like a faucet

3.3. Most people don't want to pay the price

3.4. Sophomore v/s Junior yr

3.4.1. Sophomore His best season in college

3.4.2. Junior yr Started looking for shortcuts For spectacular dunks For glorious shots instead of hard work

3.5. You have to commit to the road of HARD WORK

3.6. How much hard work will your endeavor need?

3.6.1. Remind yourself every day

3.6.2. Do it every day

4. Fundamentals

4.1. Ability and Fundamentals are not the same

4.2. You have to practice and focus on fundamentals every day

4.3. Don't look for instant gratification

4.4. Fundamentals dont change

4.4.1. Only your attention to them changes

4.5. If your practice shooting the wrong way for 8 hrs

4.5.1. You become very good at shooting the wrong way

4.6. Exercise

4.6.1. What are the fundamentals in your business/endeavor What if any corners are you cutting? How can you focus even more on your fundamentals?