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Faceboook by Mind Map: Faceboook

1. How is it different?

1.1. Biggest active user base

1.2. Pages, photos, posts can be shared easily

1.3. Posts can be shared to the public

1.4. Owns other big services like Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus...

1.5. Worldwide service

1.6. Owns huge database of people activity to analyze their behavior

1.7. Can be used for mass and private communication at the same time

2. How marketers can promote their brand?

2.1. Inviting people to share products to their friends

2.2. Viral content

2.3. Paid advertisement

2.4. Post advertisements on the news feeds of random people

2.5. They can share the positive reviews from customers who posted the reviews on Facebook

2.6. Suggested pages according to user behavior

2.7. Easy to communicate with costumer via messenger

2.8. Having an updated Facebook page ensures costumer that company is still active and cares about their costumers