Year 1 - Lesson 4 Introduction to Scratch Jnr

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Year 1 - Lesson 4 Introduction to Scratch Jnr by Mind Map: Year 1 - Lesson 4 Introduction to Scratch Jnr

1. Assessment

1.1. Save A project

1.2. Change the background

1.3. Move blocks forward using slow, medium and fast speed

2. Recording

2.1. Checklist for introduction to Scratch Jnr

2.2. Observation and screen shot sent to Seesaw

3. Introduction

3.1. Class to sit in a circle • Inform students that we will continue to look at algorithms and how they are used as symbols in Scratch Jnr • Show students Scratch Jnr introduction video • Show students the large blocks from Scratch Jnr • Explain the meaning of the motion blocks NB: basic blue motion blocks, green flag, red end, speed block • Choose 2 blocks and place them in a row • Ask one student to explain what it means • Place another 3 blocks in a row and ask students what it means • Place a picture of an animal in the algorithm and ask someone to explain what it means

3.2. Focus Questions What have we been learning over the past few weeks? Look at the pictures, what have we created with the pictures? Can you tell me again what is an algorithm? What do these motion blocks mean? What is this algorithm saying?

3.3. Preparation and Resources

3.3.1. Scratch Introductions Video

3.3.2. Large Motion Blocks

3.3.3. Description of Blocks

4. Digital Technologies

4.1. Knowledge and Understanding

4.2. Digital Systems

4.3. Content Descriptor

4.3.1. Digital systems (hardware and software) are used in everyday life and have specific features

5. Specific Learning Goals

5.1. Basic Features of Scratch Jnr Programme

5.2. Appropriate iPad use

6. My Class

6.1. Year 1

6.2. 22 Students

6.2.1. 12 boys

6.2.2. 12 girls

6.3. 1 Student with autism

6.4. 1 Student difficulty with fine motor schools and handwriting

7. Body

7.1. • In pairs students will use block cards and pictures of 3 animals to create algorithms • Monitor students and talk to pairs and have them explain what the algorithm is they created • Introduce the Scratch Jnr website to students (view on Apple TV) • Give students the handout on ‘Character Race’ • Explain to students that you will show them how to - Start a new project on Scratch Jnr - Insert a background - Add three characters - And get the characters to move forward at various speeds: pig fast, dog medium, rabbit slow • Have students open Scratch Jnr website on their iPads and open new project and give it a name • Students to follow instructions on character race handout • Monitor students’ progress - Stop class to further instruct as needed • Students to take a screen shot to show what they have done and send to teachers Seesaw • Students to record and explain what they did on the programme

7.2. Focus Questions Can we use these motion blocks to write an algorithm? Why/Why not? What would you do if you want the character to move forward? How do you start and end an algorithm in Scratch Jnr? How do you speed up the movement of a character?

7.3. Preparation and Resources

7.3.1. Scratch Jnr Lesson 1

7.3.2. Character Race handout

7.3.3. Small motion blocks and animal pictures

8. Conclusion

8.1. • Ask students to T-P-S what they learnt about motion blocks • Review the new way of writing algorithms • Thank students as appropriate for their participation

8.2. Focus Questions How do you write an algorithm on Scratch Jnr?

9. Education Assistant

9.1. Students to work independently but EA to work alongside autism student to keep student focus, move to a quiet area if necessary