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#YOLO by Mind Map: #YOLO

1. Storyline: Ideas

1.1. DREAM

1.1.1. Compare A to B's life, "promote" that people should be brave to chase their dreams because there isn't a "reset" button in life

1.1.2. Scene A: A chose to give up dreams and be a normal person (eg. get married and be housewife), and end up having life which she doesn't like

1.1.3. Scene B: B chose to chase her dreams. Although its tough (and maybe not supported by family), but end up with colourful results (eg. become a successful dancer)

1.1.4. "Slogan": You Only Live Once, Dare to Dream BIG

1.2. Negative Lifestyle

1.2.1. Main actor: Having made a serious mistakes then went into the prison. After released from prison, have no confidence, look down at herself, having sad life, never go out because dont want to face the world, feel that she is useless

1.2.2. Family trying to bring her to get connected with the outside world. Walk through different scenes (two options): Positive  Eg. People doing sports, a group of people having fun together, wheelchair dancing (can cut video from internet?), old people earn money by themselves etc etc Negative Eg. Saw people smoking and drinking beer (thought of herself in the past), Saw people with healthy body being a beggar (look at herself, its exactly how she is now) Ending: Understood that she has just made a mistake but her life is still long way to go. She wanted to help other people who are having the same problems to avoid more people from doing wrong things. Message:

1.2.3. Ending: Memories flashed through her brain. She thinks back to the old happy times when she had happy days with her friends. And then how she does wrong thing and go to prison. Regret and decided to continue her life.

1.2.4. Message: You shouldn't judge yourself by one mistake, you only live once, after understanding your mistake and change it, look up and keep going

1.3. Interviewing people about life

1.3.1. The interview questions doesn't have to be directly about #yolo, we can explain it in the end of the video

1.4. Last moment of your life

1.4.1. Scene 1: If you have only one month left, what would you wish to do before ending your life?Write down a TO DO LIST and complete all the tasks within 1 month.

1.4.2. Scene 2: You have passed away, your soul looks back to the things that you have done when you are alive. You see and listen to all the good and bad things your friends and family talk about you in your funeral. Regret about things you wish to complete but have not done. / Glad that you are brave to do what you want.

1.4.3. Message: Don't wait until your last moment of life to be brave. We should do what we like and be brave to chase our dreams when we still have the ability.

1.5. Parents decided their future but they chose their own life

1.5.1. Being forced into a career because of family background but is in love with another kind of career like being a musician etc.

1.6. "Antisocial"

1.6.1. The main actor is a weird person, anti social, do not like to mix with other people. Very focus on academic etc.

1.6.2. She saw people around her age are having interesting and happy life. They are enjoying their life. However, she is lonely and having unhappy life.

1.6.3. When she is doing homework alone at night, those happy scenes she has seen keep flashing in her mind. Something happened and it changes her life.

1.7. "Split screen"

1.7.1. Amy's life (introvert) Someone who is very shy and introvert. She has no confidence. In her opinion, she thinks that if she follow the rules and live carefully, she can avoid the troubles and worry. She is kind and doesn't know how to reject people, if someone request her to do something she will never reject, she think that this is a way to avoid conflict. She's always helping people to do their assignment and does not have any interactions with others.

1.7.2. Daisy's life (positive although she's on a wheelchair) A disabled person with positive attitude and interesting lifestyle. She can dance and play basketball on a wheelchair.

1.7.3. Daisy does realise Amy in class, restaurant and other places in campus. She tries to interact with her but when Amy sees Daisy and her friends, she quickly rushes off

1.7.4. Daisy and friends are playing basketball when she sees Amy passes by. After talking with Daisy in the court, Amy understands that she has to step out of her comfort zone and starts to involve herself to the social world.

1.7.5. Message: You only live once, fear is temporary but regret is forever, we should enjoy our life to the max! :)

2. Genre

2.1. Drama

3. Ways to shoot the video

3.1. POV (Point Of View)

3.2. Documentary

3.3. Story

3.4. Interviewing

4. Props

4.1. Shooting Equipment

4.1.1. Camera

4.1.2. Tripod

4.1.3. Mic

4.1.4. Selfie Stick (For mic)

4.2. Scene 1

4.2.1. School bag

4.2.2. Wheelchair

4.2.3. Laptop

4.2.4. Pendrive

4.2.5. Cap

4.3. Scene 2

4.3.1. School bag

4.3.2. Wheelchair

4.3.3. Phone

4.3.4. Phone Message

4.3.5. Stickies

4.3.6. Laptop

4.4. Scene 3

4.4.1. School bag

4.4.2. Wheelchair

4.4.3. Cap

4.4.4. Lunch

4.5. Scene 4

4.5.1. Basketball

4.5.2. Wheelchair

4.5.3. Cap

4.5.4. Sport Attire

4.6. Scene 5

4.6.1. Basketball

4.6.2. Wheelchair

4.6.3. Sport Attire (Daisy)

4.7. Scene 6

4.7.1. Sport Attire

5. Venues

5.1. Taylor's University (Scene 1, 2,3,6)

5.2. Classroom (Scene 1,2)

5.3. Restaurant (Scene 3,6)

5.4. Basketball Court (Scene 4, 5)

5.5. Park & Playground (Scene 6)

6. Characters

6.1. Amy

6.1.1. A quiet, introvert person (little bit of antisocial)

6.1.2. Too kind and won’t reject people

6.1.3. Has a boring life

6.2. Daisy

6.2.1. Disabled person

6.2.2. Positive although she is disability

6.2.3. Enjoy life & cherish every moment

6.3. Sandy

6.3.1. Daisy's Close Friend

6.3.2. Amy's Classmate

6.4. Jess

6.4.1. Daisy's Close Friend

6.4.2. Amy's Classmate

6.5. Sharon

6.5.1. Daisy's Close Friend

6.5.2. Amy's Classmate