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Diversity by Mind Map: Diversity

1. Living Things

1.1. Animals

1.1.1. Birds Have feathers & beak Lay eggs

1.1.2. Fish Have scales Lives in water only Have fins to swim Have gills to breathe

1.1.3. Amphibians Have moist skin Can live on land and in water Breathe using their lungs Most amphibians lays eggs

1.1.4. Insects Have hard outer covering or exoskeleton Body is divided into 3 parts Have 6 legs

1.1.5. Mammals Have outer covering of hair Most mammals give birth to young Lives on land and in water Mothers produce milk for their young

1.1.6. Reptiles Have dry skin, usually covered with scales Cold Blooded animals Breathe using their lungs Most reptiles lay eggs

1.2. Plants

1.2.1. Flowering

1.2.2. Non-flowering

1.3. Fungi

1.3.1. Mould

1.3.2. Yeast

1.3.3. Mushrooms

1.4. Bacteria

2. Non-living Things

2.1. Materials

2.1.1. Metals

2.1.2. Fabric

2.1.3. Wood

2.1.4. Rubber

2.1.5. Glass

2.1.6. Plastics

2.1.7. Ceramics