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History by Mind Map: History
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Industrial Revolution

1760- 1830

Child labour

under paid

too young

long hours

no school

terrible work conditions

Under paid

woman paid less

16 hour days

textile industries grew

machinery advanced

more workers needed

Cities grew fast

poped up around factories

Machinary developed increadibly

lots of new inventions


easy to use

faster than by hand

multi - story housing

very cramped



no toilets

lots of disease

Miss Quinn



testing us

bettering us


when a larger stronger country takes over another country


types of control

leaders in Africa

colonies, direct rule, french, put their own rulers into power and take total control, indirect rule, british, advise local leaders, get children to study in britain and learn western ways

protectorate, local rulers left in place, under advice from colonial power

people to know

Muhammed Ali

David livingstone

imperialist courtries

to gain ultimate rghts to trade with colonie