Impacts of Discovery

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Impacts of Discovery by Mind Map: Impacts of Discovery

1. Africans

1.1. Europeans brought slaves from Africa

1.2. Slave trade made Africans cultures become lost, about 10 million people taken away by the 1800's

2. European Economy

2.1. Used cheap labor via Native Americans and Africans

2.2. Expansion overseas created competition in Europe

2.2.1. Spain and Portugal sign Treaty of Tordesillas

2.3. Discovery of plants and animals in the Americas

2.4. Ships brought new items such as corn, tomatoes, and tobacco from the Americas to the Europeans and Africans

2.5. Europeans brought livestock, grains, fruit, and coffee to the Americas

3. Native Americans

3.1. Used as forced labor in European plantations

3.2. Europeans brought diseases that the Natives were not immune to (such as smallpox), massive amount of deaths happened

4. Aztecs

4.1. Were forced by the Spanish to mine more gold and silver

4.2. Killed their own ruler and rebelled against the Spanish

4.3. Were afflicted by diseases that the Spanish brought

4.4. Their capital city Tenochtitlan was sacked and burned down

5. Spain

5.1. Francisco Pizarro

5.1.1. Discovered Incan empire, build an empire called New Spain Spread their culture and religion to the lands of southern North America and major parts of South America

5.2. Hernando Cortes

5.2.1. Were treated as gods by the Aztecs and were given gold and silver

5.2.2. Settlers married native woman made mestizo, a new population of mixed Spanish and Native people, these people were discriminated against.

5.2.3. Spread their culture to the natives

5.2.4. Forced natives into labor (encomienda system) This system was discontinued, used Africans for labor instead

5.3. Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

5.3.1. Founded Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, Kansas

5.3.2. Did not find gold in the lands, returned home

5.4. Went back to the Southwest to spread Christianity to Native Americans

5.4.1. Priests were ordered to give Native Americans bread, silk, linen, horses, cattle, tools, and weapons

5.4.2. Pedro de Peralta Named this land New Mexico Led settlers to the Rio Grande, build a capital called Santa Fe

5.5. Alonso Alvarez de Pineda

5.5.1. Mapped out current-day Texas Europeans began to settle there Land already inhabited by Native Americans Many missions opened along San Antonio River Included buildings for living, worship, storing grain, spinning and weaving cotton and wool, carpentry, iron working, and tailoring

5.6. Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo

5.6.1. Explored the West, discovered San Diego Father Junipero Serra founded first California mission at San Diego