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Minorities by Mind Map: Minorities

1. * In 1931 Molly and her cousin Daisy and Gracie who where mixed – race were taken away from their family * They walked 1.600 kilometres * They found the way by walking going beside the rabbit-proof. * The girls came to a farmhouse a women told them to come in and promised them food, the girls asked her: are you the runaway from the settlement * The lady told them that they were going the wrong direction if they were going to Rabbit proof fence they walked east but it is north. * She gave them food and gave them cloth. * The girls knew she was going to report them so they decided to go east instead of north so they cant find them. * The police searched for the girls

2. Leicester: a multi cultural city

2.1. Over one third of the population is asians.

2.2. The immigrants and asians have brought colorfull clothes, delicius food and unique religionbuildings, and the language.

2.3. Leicester will proberbly bee the first city in the UK where the ethnic minority will make up the majority of the population.

3. Journey to leicester:

3.1. Dad

3.1.1. 1972

3.1.2. Experienced racism in connection to his job

4. what is your proplem

4.1. the only different between him and the other kids were that he was brown, and they were white

4.1.1. he is asian no one cared about him

4.1.2. its a proplem to have another skin color

4.1.3. He didn't have any friends

5. Aborigines

5.1. • In 1768 James cook a captain left England for 3 years for pacific ocean

5.2. • He came across aborigines there have been there between 300.00 years and 1 million

5.3. • They were made to live where the Europeans didn't want to live.

5.4. • The main tools were: digging sticks, spears, boomerang, needles and wooden dishes

6. c. free

6.1. She was an aboriginal girl. She was an olympic runner and got manny gold medals. she was the first abooriginal to represent austrailia.Auckland /1990/ commonwealth games/ 4x100 mets realay team/ cathy wond a gold medal Barcelona/ 1992/ olympics/ chosen to complet/ she dit not make it to finals Canada/ 1994/ comondwealth games/ 200 meters and 400 meters/ wond gold Atlanta/1996/ Olympics/ 400 metres/ silver medel and personal bedst Athens/ 1997/ world athletic/ 400 metre sprint/ gold Spain/ 1999/ world athletics championship/ defended her titel for 400 metre sprint ?/2000/Olympics/ she walk whith the flame

7. Rabbit-profence

8. The Girl With No-Name

8.1. Matthew wanted to see some old aboriginals paintings

8.2. Matthew couldn´t find the way back to his bicycle

8.3. Matthew had to sleep under the open sky

8.4. A aboriginal girl offered him her bicycle, she said her name was "no-name"

8.5. The girl showed him the way to his bicycle

8.6. No-name catch a goanna to show Matthew