Week 2 Synchronous Chat Session

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Week 2 Synchronous Chat Session by Mind Map: Week 2 Synchronous Chat Session

1. Attendance

1.1. Natalie

1.2. Heather

1.3. Regina

1.4. Erika

2. How does external forces inhibt or aid motivation?

2.1. Inhibiting factors

2.1.1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs aren’t met

2.1.2. Receiving a bad grade

2.1.3. “it’s not cool to learn”

2.1.4. Dealing with a negative client

2.2. Aids

2.2.1. Motivates students to try task

2.2.2. Dealing with a positive client

2.2.3. Interest level in a topic of study

2.2.4. ○btattaining an “A” grade

3. Follow up to first question if a person is truly motivated can they be inhibited?

3.1. Yes

3.1.1. Social/ peer pressure

3.1.2. Basic needs not being met

3.1.3. Fear of failure

4. Is motivation only an internal thing?

4.1. Yes

4.1.1. Age Adults Internal External

4.2. No

4.2.1. Younger students Internal Accomplishing a task Making parents happy External Candy Stickers Toys

5. As a teacher/trainer how can we help motivate a person that is unmotivated?

5.1. It is hard

5.2. Creativity

5.2.1. Social Media

5.2.2. Using cell phones in class

5.3. motivational team

5.3.1. Forms a plan

5.3.2. Build on success

5.3.3. Give students choice assignments

5.3.4. Interrupt the cycle of failure

5.4. Personally

5.4.1. Find out if students' basic needs are met

5.4.2. Share a common interest outside of school

5.4.3. Connect with family

6. Does success affect motivation?

6.1. Yes

6.1.1. Fear of failure Giving up Younger students give up because they have no memory of how to make it better Trying again When they are older they draw on prior knowledge of when they failed Focus on the positive Draw on past strategies to help build confidence A teacher reminds them of what they do well

6.2. Start school year off with task all students can accomplish

6.2.1. Coloring worksheets

6.2.2. Review of past curriculum

6.3. Pepper them with success

6.3.1. Works for puppies too

7. Can you still be motivated after failing?

7.1. “acquired competence” ­ it’s developed through an individual’s cumulative experience (Brophy 2004)

7.2. Depends on the internal feelings and the prior knowledge

8. Are online /distance learners less likely to be as motivated as traditional setting learners?

8.1. No

8.1.1. Earning good grades

8.1.2. "Wanting to complete the journey"

8.1.3. Being independant

8.2. Depends

8.2.1. If the student is interested in learning

8.2.2. Younger students(high school students) struggle with motivation