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DNA Media/media and communnications by Mind Map: DNA Media/media and communnications
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DNA Media/media and communnications

DNA Media _Creation of a media media department with focus on strategic partnerships _Integration of within a new DNA media department will preserve independent branding/importance or perception of independedence _Bring partnerships to a partnerships with DNA _DNA will be among the partners _all media will be produced by DNAMedia for_______ _need of media  workstudy _From June to September in 32 hours with same salary. _Flexibility to work remotely/on line _Representing DNA for partnerships abroad in this area   Created by Marlon Barrios Solano          

on-line Presence

Social Media

DNA website




Media Production

previews, reviews, process oriented broadcast

Performance Capture/Partnership with

Dynamic Communication

DNA Media as department/on-line strategy/production

Social networks

Distributed Presence

Viral Marketing

Rich media production

Marketing as community development

Managing multiple platforms and audiences

hybrid approach (User generated, and centralized production)

Qualitative feedback


COllaborations and partnerships

stories creative process

about dance /process and intelligence

as a service to the dance community




Lab/multimedia center


Video dance cycles

Dance and Multimedia for live performance

Live Video performance


Sound performances