Training Plans

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Training Plans by Mind Map: Training Plans

1. TP Page

1.1. TP Details

1.1.1. is displayed if description is set

1.2. TP Information

1.3. Training Plan Add-in PART: Courses

1.3.1. Statuses Locked Topltip Non-clickable Not Started In Progress Completed

1.3.2. Actions Go to Course If user is not enrolled: Enroll or message

2. Create/ Edit page

2.1. Fields:

2.1.1. Training Plan Description TP Description add-in part is displayed in TP site as it works for courses

2.1.2. Training Plan Administrators /Learners/ Visitors Administrators/Visitors are added only in TP site Learners are added into TP site and non-locked Courses When course is added to already existing training plan (or order, prerequisites changed) learners should be added to new course

2.1.3. Certificate Certificate Template for Training Plan Only certificates for TP are available

2.2. Training Plan Options

2.2.1. Published Validation Rules for Publishing When a TP is not published, Only of the LMS Published Courses can be selected in TP When a TP is set to Published and not dates are used, Only Published courses can be added in TP Publishing validation occurs which checks whether all included courses are available for the duration of the TP on create/ update event. If there is a conflict the admin should be informed which of the courses has a conflict and advised to resolve this conflict. Validation of publishing executes by click Create/Save TP

2.2.2. Due date option is available

2.3. Training Courses to be included

2.3.1. Select Training Courses (Clickable) List of all courses on Create/Edit TP page Columns Paging: 10 items per page Sorting Filtering

2.3.2. Category

2.3.3. Delete

2.3.4. Set Completion

2.3.5. Locked Tolltips non-locked icon: You can set prerequisites for all Courses. It means that locked Course will be locked until all preceding Course(s) have been completed for locked icon: Remove the prerequisites for all Courses Impossible to lock first course in TP. It`s possible to lock all other courses

2.3.6. Reorder

3. Course Catalog App Part

3.1. Can user unenroll from courses ?

4. TP Completion

4.1. TP is Completed, if all Courses are Completed, which were set to "TP Completion" (on TP Create\Edit page) AND necessary learning items of apps were passed correctly, OR TP administrator set completion in Gradebook.

4.2. Certificate is generated (if it was set on TP Create\Edit Page) at the same moment when TP is completed.

4.3. Completion date - when the last course of TP is completed

4.4. TP is not changed from Completed to In Progress/ Not Started if:

4.4.1. Change Courses (delete or add new)

4.4.2. Change Completion Settings

4.4.3. Remove user from TP

4.4.4. Retake any courses or learning items, which were set as part of TP Completion

5. TP Certificate Expiration

5.1. Certificate is Expired If certificate expiration date is reached

6. Retake

6.1. retake training plan triggers retake of all courses inside

6.1.1. all Course Statuses Changed to Not Started

6.1.2. all attempts of learning items are not visible anymore (in TP and all courses) after Retake

6.2. Statistics pages, Reports

6.2.1. Old progress should not be shown anywhere

6.2.2. New progress after recertification should be shown in stats and reports

6.3. After retake CEU is displayed as planned

6.4. Flow

6.4.1. Line Manager/LMS admin old request is cancelled with message 'Retake expired training plan', New request with status Pending Approval is created

6.4.2. Automatic enrollment flow old request is cancelled with message 'Retake expired training plan' New Approved request is created

7. Certificates

7.1. Callout: New Certificate

7.1.1. Course

7.1.2. Training Plan

7.2. Migration: Default certificates (old and new course catalog)

7.2.1. Template for Courses

7.2.2. Template for TP

7.3. New token for add list of courses in TP certificate

7.4. Move certificates page to MVC

7.5. New Column in Grid: Type

8. Dashboard App Part

8.1. My Courses tab

8.1.1. TP: Statuses Not completed Actions Completed Actions Completed Expired Actions Completed Expiring Actions Ended No Action Course is not clickable

8.1.2. Courses of TP Go to Course / Locked

8.2. Pending

8.2.1. TP Actions: Cancel

8.3. In Progress

8.3.1. TP Actions: Expand Unenroll Go to Course Ended No Action Course is not clickable

8.3.2. Courses Go to Course / Locked

8.4. Completed

8.4.1. TP Completed Actions Completed Expired Actions Completed Expiring Actions Ended No Action Course is not clickable Deleted No Action Course is not clickable

8.5. My certificates

8.5.1. Ended No Action Course is not clickable

8.5.2. Not Ended No actions

8.5.3. Deleted No Action Course is not clickable

8.6. Ended

8.6.1. No actions

8.6.2. Course is not clickable

8.7. My CEUs

8.7.1. Ended No actions Course is not clickable

8.7.2. Not Ended No actions Course title is clickable

8.7.3. Deleted No Action Course is not clickable

9. Training Plan List

9.1. View Learner Details Page

9.1.1. TP Statuses Not Started all courses are Not Started In Progress any course is In Progress (other Not Started) one Course is Completed (if >1 coures in TP), other Not Started / In Progress Completed All Courses are Completed

9.1.2. Delete Certificate Tp Status is changed from Completed to Not Started Attempts of learning items are not available from TP Status of All Courses from TP is Not Changed Attempts of learning items are displayed on courses

9.2. Approve Registrations Page

9.2.1. Approve TP request Status of TP request is Enrolled Registration in TP is CReated User is enrolled in All UNLOCKED Courses of TP Requests are not created in courses

9.2.2. Reject Status of TP request is Rejected Registration is not Created in TP

10. Update Api

10.1. Add New Navigation Property 'TrainingPlanCourses' to 'Courses' Entity

10.2. Add new CourseType = TrainingPlan

11. Course Reports

11.1. Expand courses of TP

12. Notifications

12.1. new notifications for training plan with similar text

12.1.1. TP Enrollment Approval Request

12.1.2. TP Approval Reminder

12.1.3. TP Completed Confirmation

12.1.4. TP Enrollment Confirmation

12.1.5. TP Cancelled Notification

12.1.6. TP Pending Approval Confirmation

12.1.7. TP Reject Confirmation

12.1.8. TP Due Date Reminder

12.1.9. TP Due Date Passed

12.1.10. TP Certificate Expiry Reminder

12.1.11. TP Certificate Expired

12.1.12. TP Published

12.1.13. TP Unpublished

12.1.14. TP Ended

13. TP Enrollment

13.1. Enrollment Flows

13.1.1. Enrollment Flow: Auto Course1: Auto, Course2: LM, Course3: Admin Approved Request  is created for TP

13.1.2. Enrollment Flow: LM Approve Course1: Auto, Course2: LM, Course3: Admin Request for LM  is created for TP

13.1.3. Enrollment Flow: Admin Approve Course1: Auto, Course2: LM, Course3: Admin Request for ADMIN is created for TP

13.2. User enrolls to course of TP

13.2.1. 1. Enroll in TP add new user/ad group on create/edit TP page add user/ad group to SP Learners group in TP site Self-enroll into TP

13.2.2. 2. Complete any course in TP Check for unlocked course Check for not enrolled  course: Create TP with Learner and 2 courses -> Save. Edit -> add new course

13.3. Unenroll from TP

13.3.1. User unernolls from TP

13.3.2. User unenrolls from courses of TP

14. Prerequisites

14.1. Auto enroll user in locked course if all previous courses are completed

14.2. If previous course status is changed from Completed to InProgress/Not Started, lock course if necessary

14.3. Learning app parts (quiz/lp/scorm/assignment/completion button) are locked (user enrolled in TP with prerequisites) if go to locked course