Ashley's Personal Writing History

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Ashley's Personal Writing History by Mind Map: Ashley's Personal Writing History

1. TSU

1.1. Planner

1.2. Jourmals

1.3. Organization

1.4. Color coded notes/ Highlighter use

1.5. Created fun activities with pictures to help better understand/ make my own to create a fun assignment

1.6. Special education major

2. My writing past

2.1. I love to Write in cursive

2.2. I loved writing TAKS test

2.3. I like to doodle and keep journals

2.4. I enjoy handwriting! I am not a big fan of using computers to type papers

2.5. I usually only like to write about topics I like and struggle to write about topics I dislike or find hard

2.6. I had a great teacher who taught me to love writing! (4th grade)

2.7. The 4th grade TAKS test, I wrote about a girl I had met who had autism. She is the sole reason I am where I am today.

3. My writing present

4. "Teachers who love learning,


5.1. Planner

5.2. Metting dates

5.3. Notes for co-workers

5.4. Plan fun friday activities/mini lessons

5.5. Coloring/ drawing with kids

5.6. Special needs night= Crafts/activities for fine motor

6. My writing future

6.1. I would love to get my masters, but not sure in exactly what..

6.2. I would like to make activities for Teachers Pay Teachers

6.3. I would love to help students to love writing and the writing process!

6.4. "Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate."

6.5. Learn new and creative ways to make writing fun and interesting