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Procrastination by Mind Map: Procrastination

1. the good side

1.1. relax

1.2. release your pressure

2. the bad side

2.1. easy to lose work

2.2. hand in the homework late

2.3. make you be very tired

2.4. no planning

2.5. Will have some illness when the deadline comes because you need to do a lot of work

3. how to beat it

3.1. Effective Planning

3.1.1. turns a daunting item into a series of small, clear, manageable tasks

3.1.2. To-do list

3.1.3. makes an icky item un-icky

3.2. Doing

3.2.1. Don't wait a "right time" stopping whatever you’re doing when it’s time to begin the task

3.2.2. Recognize That You're Procrastinating reading emails usually begin an important task

3.2.3. Understand Why You're Procrastinating schedules, time frames for completing a task, and deadlines for goals will help counter procrastination. Work back from your deadlines to know how long you need, and when to get started so you're not late. Focus on one task at a time. make sure your work is broken down into manageable steps.

3.2.4. Replace Old Habits That Keep You Procrastinating Reward yourself. Be accountable to someone else. Find out the negative consequences of not doing the task. Figure out in dollars what you're costing your employer. Start with small tasks

3.3. Prove to yourself that you can do it.

3.3.1. Try to internalize the fact that everything you do is a choice.

3.3.2. Create methods to help you defeat the procrastination.

3.3.3. Aim for slow, steady progress