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GTP by Mind Map: GTP
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The guideline currently exist, do we need to find ways to make this more evident or reinforced with teachers. Should we revisit the guidelines and assure they still reflect our intent. Meaningful Themes 1. Need to reflect on what themes we will offer- Each year at JKF the coordinators and facilitators discuss the themes they wish to be offered in the next years learning sessions. 2. Importance of being able to offer the teachers their choice to allow them to align to school curriculum. 3. Should be connected to topics of interest to students, special pilot or sponsor themes. 4. Is it more important to some to be linked by age group first, should we offer a junior and senior group of a theme. Meaningful Questions 1. Discuss with group members to generate better questions. 2. Stress the importance of referring to suggestions of how to write a good question- they are well outlined. 3. Find examples of good questions to share. 4. Coordinators can offer guidance and include this in teacher orientation sessions. 5. Perhaps mini-course of PD on writing good open ended questions. Meaningful Research 1. Teaching good quality research skills, researching online, how to analyze and synthesize information 2. Sources of Information 3. Copyright 4. Citing Sources Meaningful Answers 1. Should there be clearer guidelines on length, substance, components 2. Should there be examples and commentary 3. Should we generate shared rubrics to identify qualities of good answers Generating Exemplars 1. Of Questions 2. Of Answers 3. Of Summaries 4. Of Extended Learning- videos, web sites, research sites, podcasts Generate Mini-Course for Students and Teachers 1. FAQs 2. Guides 3. Video Clips 4. Pod Casts 5. Build-in exemplars

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