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GTP by Mind Map: GTP

1. The guideline currently exist, do we need to find ways to make this more evident or reinforced with teachers. Should we revisit the guidelines and assure they still reflect our intent. Meaningful Themes 1. Need to reflect on what themes we will offer- Each year at JKF the coordinators and facilitators discuss the themes they wish to be offered in the next years learning sessions. 2. Importance of being able to offer the teachers their choice to allow them to align to school curriculum. 3. Should be connected to topics of interest to students, special pilot or sponsor themes. 4. Is it more important to some to be linked by age group first, should we offer a junior and senior group of a theme. Meaningful Questions 1. Discuss with group members to generate better questions. 2. Stress the importance of referring to suggestions of how to write a good question- they are well outlined. 3. Find examples of good questions to share. 4. Coordinators can offer guidance and include this in teacher orientation sessions. 5. Perhaps mini-course of PD on writing good open ended questions. Meaningful Research 1. Teaching good quality research skills, researching online, how to analyze and synthesize information 2. Sources of Information 3. Copyright 4. Citing Sources Meaningful Answers 1. Should there be clearer guidelines on length, substance, components 2. Should there be examples and commentary 3. Should we generate shared rubrics to identify qualities of good answers Generating Exemplars 1. Of Questions 2. Of Answers 3. Of Summaries 4. Of Extended Learning- videos, web sites, research sites, podcasts Generate Mini-Course for Students and Teachers 1. FAQs 2. Guides 3. Video Clips 4. Pod Casts 5. Build-in exemplars

2. What makes a Learning Circle a success

2.1. Pre-requisite

2.1.1. apply selection crireria

2.1.2. perfomance as expected

2.2. Well facilitated

2.2.1. have a backup facilitator

2.2.2. mentorship

2.2.3. competencies

2.2.4. training / materials

2.2.5. inside / outside?

2.2.6. timely response

2.3. Technology

2.3.1. connectivity Low bandwidth Dgroups or other emailplatform High bandwidth Wiki, moodle

2.3.2. technology works

2.3.3. Ria, Ebenezer, Justin

2.3.4. Dgroupproblems Other emailplatform with more ownership and mangement capacities Google groups Yahoo groups If we stay with Dgroups, is there a possibility to be more in control in case of problems

2.3.5. Other LC platforms Wiki pb Wiki spaces Moodle Blogger

2.3.6. Training the trainer course for countrycoordinator in case of introducing new platforms Create tutorials Screencasts (

2.3.7. Minimum resources for each coordinator Laptop Comunication tools/software Internet connection at home or office

2.3.8. Chat Students Elluminate Teachers Elluminate Coordinators Skype Adobe Connect

2.4. Meaningful content

2.4.1. Experiences and stories capture share

2.4.2. Mary-Jo, Zoya, Issa, Proshanta

2.5. LC management

2.5.1. Clarity on labels as beginner and advanced

2.5.2. LC description

2.5.3. schedules and themes on time

2.5.4. Sylvia, Ligija, Sam, Dario

2.5.5. Calendar online CC will fill in their school calendar and see what the possibilities are for a year period

2.5.6. Registration online where CC post it online two countries allowed, if more facilitator decides, full is full

2.5.7. LC label Basic Advanced will be changed by other labels: Primary/Secondary Primary themes will be defined following the curricula Primary/Secondary Dbased/ Secondary Wiki criteria is needed, this has to be applied once established! Primary themes according to Primary school curricula ( teen life, nature, environment) Secondary themes will be defined according to Secondary school curricula ( drugs, teenage mothers, how do I improve my neighbourhood, geography)

2.5.8. teachers training (new?)material

2.5.9. rewards a reward and a punitive system with prices for : time, quality, ... without a reward system according to ranking, otherwise ranking are only statistics ranking no use of ranking if there is no reward!

2.5.10. chat keep this form of commnication (under supervision of an available an online coordinator) but spread it on three days with some schools with good connectivity as basis

2.6. Clarity

2.6.1. roles and responsibilities teacher Responsabilities: Watch over his class writes and send on time the presentation, the answers/questions/summery and the goodbye letter of students. Supervise the content of all the productions of the students/ Roles: - Lead his class: coordinate his students work - Organise the student groups - Encourage and train them to make good research. - The teacher should work with students (revise/correct) and make them assure a group responsibility. coordinator matches needs and demands know your teachers student - Co-responsible of their own class with the teacher facilitator - Form the L.C. - Available and answer on time to the coordinators and the teachers during the L.C. (48 hours) - Make the necessary modification and correction so that the classes won’t drop out. - Watch out the process of the L.C. / -Overviews and newsletter to be sent on monday morning - Update the timelines during L.C. (agreeded that all will be planned till september 2009)

2.6.2. Lala, Abdoulaye, Romeo, Lucrecia

2.7. Sustainability

2.7.1. administration linked to curriculum Government buy-in Mapping to local curriculum Project Management M&E

2.7.2. Backup at all levels Coordinator School Teachers appoint more than 1 teacher per school Facilitators Project Managers???

2.7.3. Archive Project Management Record Keeping Easy Access Case Studies of Projects Handover Procedures

2.7.4. Finance Long term planning Funding Partnership opportunities Institutionalise Projects Local Partnerships Government support Stakeholder buy-in

2.7.5. Motivation School Certificate from PMs Participation Certificates - students, teachers Recognition of excellence Wider range of choice of LCs - wiki-based, email-based, project duration or other... GTP branded paraphernalia

2.7.6. Emefa, Charlotte, Mary, Lee