National Symbols of the United States

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National Symbols of the United States by Mind Map: National Symbols of the United States

1. Liberty Bell

1.1. Symbol of freedom

1.2. Pennsylvania

1.3. It cracked the first time the bell was rung.

2. First President of U.S.

2.1. George Washington

2.1.1. Did not get to live in the White House.

3. Current President

3.1. Barack Obama

3.2. In November, we will elect a new president.

4. Essential Question: What are the national symbols of the United States?

5. American Flag

5.1. It stands for our country

5.2. We say the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

5.3. 50 stars for 50 states

5.4. 13 stripes for 13 original colonies

6. Bald Eagle

6.1. It is strong and stands for freedom.

6.2. It is our national bird.

7. White House

7.1. The President lives and works here.

7.2. Washington, D.C.

7.2.1. Nation's capitol

7.3. There are paintings of past presidents throughout the White House.

7.4. The Oval Office is where the President works.