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Software by Mind Map: Software
0.0 stars - 0 reviews range from 0 to 5


SAP 2005 9.81

NHER Plan Assessor

This software can be used by NHER Authorised SAP Assessors

Elmhurst EES SAP Calculator

Pricelist (single £700 + VAT) - Free trial available


not available to new users - looks to have been bought out by Elmhurst


Pricelist (single £528.75 inc. VAT) 30 day free trial

JPA Designer

£350.00 + VAT plus £100 per year licence demonstration version available

SAP Calculator

£200 includes one year access to database

SAP 2005 9.80


very hard to find details of software prices


£370 (no VAT)

Hevacomp SAP 2005

Knauf Insulation SAP 2005 Calculator


IES Virtual Environment 5.6.1

Lifespan SAP2005

Use of software on a pay-as-you-go basis

Cymap 2008


1 user £375 free demo to download available