Place-Hampi Project

An overview of the Place-Hampi Project

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Place-Hampi Project by Mind Map: Place-Hampi Project

1. Narrative

1.1. Deleuze & De Landa: reciprocal process between agents and viewers

1.2. Sturken: menu of images recoverable from the past

1.3. Baudrillard: self-reflective perpetual present

1.4. Result: events are co-produced by machine and human

2. Magical Realism

2.1. Roh: re-emergence of real worlds in paintings, bathed in light of new day

2.2. Carpentier: hybridized baroque - reaction against spatial rationality

2.3. Corpothetics: the sensory embrace of images

2.4. Somatic Solidarity: bodily relationship with images, space where intensities are felt

2.4.1. sensorium

2.5. Hindu epic deities

2.5.1. Pinney: it's not just how images look, what can they do?

3. New Mythology

3.1. Indian Comic Gods: ambitious project between Indian scholars and Gotham Comics to tell new stories that re-define Indian culture

4. Theory

4.1. Archaeological

4.1.1. Symmetrical Archaeology: entanglement of people-things, humans are not detached - they are implicated

4.1.2. Interpretive Archaeology - learning experiences and interpretation that 'make sense'

4.2. Phenomenology - synthesis of subjective and objective aspects (Ponty)

4.2.1. Synaethesia: fusion of the senses, participation

5. Technologies

5.1. Mediation: richer and fuller translations of bodily experience - multisensory, use of audio and video

5.1.1. Paprikaas Animation Studio, Bangalore computer/ real time animations

5.1.2. Field Capture VR Roundshot camera - hi res stereographic panoramas images of priests and pilgrims at site, help with 'magical realism' includes birds eye view Ambisonic Microphone Indian classical music natural sounds

5.1.3. Platforms PLACE Demonstrator One AVIE Demonstrator Two

5.2. Combined technologies create a sense of 'being there'

6. Hampi

6.1. World Heritage site at Vijayanagara, South india

6.2. temple complex

6.3. much archaeological, historical, sacred significance

6.4. pilgrim site today

6.4.1. 'folkloric imagination' -pilgrims 'interact' with deities; 'Place' project is based on this

6.4.2. 'darshan' - seeing and being seen by a deity

7. Project Purpose

7.1. France India Year 2006

7.2. IVH - Interactive Virtual Heritage experiment

7.2.1. immersive environments

7.2.2. mythological landscape