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Place-Hampi Project by Mind Map: Place-Hampi Project
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Place-Hampi Project


Deleuze & De Landa: reciprocal process between agents and viewers

Sturken: menu of images recoverable from the past

Baudrillard: self-reflective perpetual present

Result: events are co-produced by machine and human

Magical Realism

Roh: re-emergence of real worlds in paintings, bathed in light of new day

Carpentier: hybridized baroque - reaction against spatial rationality

Corpothetics: the sensory embrace of images

Somatic Solidarity: bodily relationship with images, space where intensities are felt

Hindu epic deities

New Mythology

Indian Comic Gods: ambitious project between Indian scholars and Gotham Comics to tell new stories that re-define Indian culture



Phenomenology - synthesis of subjective and objective aspects (Ponty)


Mediation: richer and fuller translations of bodily experience - multisensory, use of audio and video

Combined technologies create a sense of 'being there'


World Heritage site at Vijayanagara, South india

temple complex

much archaeological, historical, sacred significance

pilgrim site today

Project Purpose

France India Year 2006

IVH - Interactive Virtual Heritage experiment