HindSite Core Values

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HindSite Core Values by Mind Map: HindSite Core Values

1. Employee Stated Values

1.1. Responses

1.1.1. David Honesty And trust. We tell the truth to each other and to our customers. Confidence We speak our mind and challenge ideas, no matter their origin. Balance We love to have a good time, but we know when and how to work.

1.1.2. Mike Customer Service We make every customer feel as if we were a part of their company. Self Reliance We as individuals can solve problems. Pride We take pride in our work with individual customers and in our company’s performance.

1.1.3. Ted Ownership We are connected to our work, taking pride in company and customers. Balance We work hard and play hard. Loyalty We work selflessly towards the best interest of company and customer alike.

1.1.4. Steve Humor Humor frames our work, keeps us honest, and creates our casual culture. Knowledge We excel in our work and work as a team to reinforce that excellence. Hard Work When it’s time to work, we work hard. We get the job done, and done right.

1.1.5. Leah Teamwork Working together we can accomplish great things, more than merely being good. Responsibility We are responsible for and to each other, our customers, and our company to establish aforementioned greatness, from teamwork to superior quality. Commitment We are dedicated to the success of HindSite and it’s customers on a daily basis.

1.1.6. John Patience We are dedicated serving our customers through personal character and expert knowledge. Empathy We understand the importance of our customers’ business and to their sense of urgency, and we strive to be worthy of their trust. Responsibility We take ownership of our customers, including the importance of their own understanding of our products and services, in order to help them succeed.

1.1.7. Michael Teamwork We work best as a team, meaning we are dedicated to helping each other. Punctuality We strive to be “on the dot”, respecting our customers and coworkers. Friendliness We understand the best way to reach our customers is to work with their trust, and the best way to work together is through camaraderie.

1.1.8. Karl Customer Service We must always strive to make the customer happy, meaning excellence of product and service. Balance We know when to it’s alright to relax, and we know when it’s time to work. Respect We treat everyone, customers and coworkers alike, with respect.

1.2. Summary

1.2.1. Categorized Respect Respect/Honesty/Empathy/Patience/ Customer Service Ownership Pride/Ownership/Responsibility/ Confidence/Self Reliance Commitment Commitment/Loyalty/Customer Service Balance Balance/Hard Work/Humor Teamwork Teamwork

1.2.2. Shared Responses Balance Customer Service Responsibility Teamwork

1.3. Possibilities

1.3.1. "Balance" Humor is a survival method around here, and we like to have fun...when it's time to work, we know how to work hard and get the job done.

1.3.2. Knowledge We know our jobs inside and out, and always encourage exploration and education

1.3.3. Self Reliance Teamwork is a given. We pride ourselves on the excellence and confidence of our individuals. We encourage challenges and innovation.

2. Competencies

2.1. Customer Focus

2.1.1. Each employee exemplifies customer focus by staying committed to the success of their customer's level of knowledge and use of the software. Each employee also provides superior customer support when helping customers solve their problems by fixing the issue and treating them with respect. Treat Customers with Respect Stay Committed to the Success of Your Customers Provide Superior Customer Support

2.2. Drive for Results

2.2.1. Every employee pursues daily tasks with energy, drive, and a need to finish. They do not give up before finishing even in the face of resistance or setbacks. They steadfastly push themselves and others for results. Do Not Give Up Push for Results with Energy & Drive Encourage Yourself and Others to Finish

2.3. Learning on the Fly

2.3.1. Each employee is committed to learning, analyzing problems, and providing solutions in a fast paced technology-focused environment. Learn Quickly Understand the Problem Provide a Correct Solution

2.4. Timely Decision Making

2.4.1. HindSite employees think well on their feet and make decisions in a timely manner. At times they will make the appropriate decisions with incomplete information, under pressure, and within tight deadlines. Make Appropriate Decisions Make Decisions in a Timely Manner

2.5. Intellectual Horsepower

2.5.1. Every employee at HindSite is intelligent and capable. They are good at learning and deciphering new knowledge, can understand, and work with concepts as an individual and as a member of the team. Learn New Skills Understand what You are Doing Ask for Help in Order to Learn Help Others to Learn