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Contact Center by Mind Map: Contact Center

1. Functionalities

1.1. Modify Existing Quote

1.1.1. Short Term Adjustment

1.1.2. Mid Term Adjustment

1.2. Cancel a Policy

1.2.1. Cooling Off

1.2.2. Standard

1.3. Reinstatement

1.4. Create Customer

1.4.1. Personal Details Title First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix Date Of Birth Gender

1.4.2. Contact Details Address Detals Telephone Numbers Email Address

1.4.3. Preferences Email Post Marketing Products

1.5. Search a Policy

1.5.1. Personal

1.5.2. Corporate Business Trade Name External Quote Number Policy Number

1.6. Create a Quote

1.6.1. Input Start Date Start Time Intermediary Product Scheme Property and Cover Building Building and Contents Contents Number of Bedrooms Year of Build Type of property Cover start Date Customer Information Date of Birth Duration of Insurance Claims Info Declaration Agree Disagree Payment Premium Full Term Premium Installments

1.6.2. Output Customer Number New Quote

2. Systems Connected

2.1. Select UI

2.1.1. Stores all the Data

2.2. IQH

2.2.1. Calculation of Premium

2.3. Mule

2.3.1. Generating Document Email

2.4. Address Data Base

2.5. Payment Gateway

2.5.1. Sega Service Provider

3. Objectives

3.1. Objective 1

3.1.1. Search for Corporate Quote Policy Authorized Contacts

3.2. Objective 2

3.2.1. Search Corporate Contact Using Last Name

3.3. Objective 3

3.3.1. Search Corporate Contact Using Business/Trade Name

3.4. Objective 4

3.4.1. Search Corporate Contact Using Policy Number UsingExternal Quote Number