comparing linear and quadratic equations

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comparing linear and quadratic equations by Mind Map: comparing linear and quadratic equations

1. quadratic equations

1.1. most quadratic equations use the formula -B plus or minus b^2-4ac divided by 2a

1.2. where "A" "B" and "C" are variables

1.3. you find those by looking at the basic equation y=Ax^2+Bx+C=0

1.4. here's an example

1.5. you graph a quadratic equation by making something called a parabola

1.6. parabolas have a lot of things about them can be asked for like the solutions which is where the parabola passes through the x axis.

1.7. or the vertex which is where the parabola reaches its maximum, or minimum (max being when the vertex is on top, and min when its on the bottom)

1.8. you can find the vertex by using the equation  -B divided by 2a

2. linear equations

2.1. some linear equations have the simple structure of Ab+b=c

2.2. where "A" and "B" is a constant and "C" equals zero

2.3. this is an example of a linear equations on a graph

2.4. linear equations can be negative or positive where negative makes the line go downward.

2.5. linear equations never stop moving, aka they are infinite

2.6. there are many types of linear equations like one variable, two variable, and even the matrix form

2.7. equations with more than one exponent are known as non-linear. an example is Axy+B=0

3. Ex.