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Advance Baton Rouge Twitter strategy by Mind Map: Advance Baton Rouge Twitter strategy
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Advance Baton Rouge Twitter strategy

Who to follow?

Baton Rouge twitter influentials (Twellow)

Charter school & ed industry leaders nationwide

Local politicians and community leaders

monitor keywords, e.g. "charter schools"

What to tweet?

success stories

public announcements

website content

links to resources for teachers, students & parents

answer negative PR from opponents

rich media: images, video



Retweets (RTs)

How to build followers?

@reply and RT influencers

publicize Twitter handle on website and in all marketing, advertising, PR channels online & offline

Talk it up!!

Get all staff, students and parents on board

How to get RTs?

ask for them!

break news

link-bait titles: top 10 lists,

try to make 1 in 10 tweets go "viral"

How to measure success?

followers, follower growth

RT reach (HootSuite mgmt)


build broad local awareness for charter school concept

branding for ABR

PR message control / answer opponents

market research / community feedback

engage Baton Rouge education community & policy makers in measurable ways.

Turn Baton Rouge influentials into advocates

Tweet mix

at least 1 tweet per day

even mix of links, @replies, RTs

separate accounts for each school?

Getting started

handle (username)

branded background

profile description

team idntification

weekly planning meetings





CMO's on Twitter