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Google Analytics by Mind Map: Google Analytics

1. Core Analysis Technique

1.1. Segmentation

1.1.1. Aggregated data Overall behaviour trend

1.1.2. Segment data isolate & analyze subsets of data Traffic resource Campared data Marketing channel Email Facebook Google Segment by geography Countries Regions Customer characteristics repeat first time

1.2. Context

1.2.1. Internal Own history performance

1.2.2. External Industry benmark data SimilarWeb

2. Online infomation/support

2.1. Help customers find information

2.1.1. Encourage engagement & frequent visitation

3. Customer

3.1. Awearness

3.2. Accquisition

3.3. Engagement

3.4. Conversion

3.5. Retention

4. Data

4.1. Quantitatives

4.1.1. Size online audience

4.1.2. Located

4.1.3. Performance online marketing

4.1.4. What people do on website

4.2. Qualitatives

4.2.1. Explain WHY? why people came to your website Why they can or cann't complete their task

4.2.2. Give valuable insights about your customer experience

5. Outcomes

5.1. Ecommerce Site

5.1.1. Selling Products or Services Purchase on website Hehavioral indicators

5.1.2. Conversion Micro Figur out how to go to macro conversion Macro Actions that's important to ecommerce To underatand the return on our marketing investment for each channel. Last click attribution All the value associated with conversion. The best measurment we've had

5.2. Lead Generation

5.2.1. Contacts information for sale team

5.3. Content Publishers

5.4. Drive awearness & engagement & loyalty

5.5. Branding

6. Continual improvement

6.1. Report

6.1.1. Package data

6.2. Measure

6.2.1. How many people complete their journey?

6.2.2. Where you're losing & retaining customers?

6.3. Analysis

6.3.1. Deep segment of data Competitive analysis: internal & external

6.4. Test

6.4.1. Indentify during analysis Discovering improvement opportunities

6.5. Improve