Pack Leaders

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Pack Leaders by Mind Map: Pack Leaders

1. Feedback

1.1. Write Testimonials

1.1.1. Previous Adopting Want to Express Love of Organization

1.1.2. Volunteers Want to Express how much fun they had and impact they had

2. High End Goal: Users/Workers want to rescue dogs/cats; Adopters want a pet that meets their famlily needs

3. Donate

3.1. User Learns More About the Organization

3.1.1. Success 4,500 Animals Saved Featured Testimonials of Happy Owners

3.1.2. 501c3 Organization

3.1.3. Process Animals go through

3.1.4. User Sees Hard work put in to Organization Volunteer Testimonials Featured Staff Members

3.1.5. Users Sees Credible Partners Petsmart Adopt a Pet RiverRoad Petfinder Banfield Pet Hospitol 24 Hour Pet Watch

3.1.6. User Sees Organizations Financials Funding 75% Deposits Sick Dogs Put Organization at Risk User Understands  How His/Her Money will be Spent Vet Travel User Decides to Donate

4. Volunteering

4.1. User Learns More About Volunteer Programs

4.1.1. User Decides Wants to Volunteer For Pack Leaders User Wants to Volunteer at facility or event Discovers the Help Pack Leaders Need User Wants to be a Fostor Owner Learns About Foster Owner Process

4.1.2. How Animals are Impacted

4.1.3. Success Stories

4.1.4. Testiomoials

4.1.5. Sees how fun it is

5. Adopting

5.1. User convinced Pack Leaders good place to adopt

5.1.1. Users looks for their new pet User finds identifies adoption events on calendar User Determines Next One User Locates Nearest One User looks through available pet listings User Filters Listing User Clicks on a Listing From Petfinder From Petango From Adopt a Pet

5.1.2. Post Adoption Process 1 Months Free Health Insurance Support through behavioral challenges Continued communication Supplies Coupons Free Vet Visit PetSmart

5.1.3. Have had Success in Past Featured Testimonial of adopters Almost 0% return rate Saved over 4,500 animals

5.1.4. Pre-Adoption Training Vet Checkups Microchipping

5.1.5. Good cause of Organization Are Homless Dogs Abused Would of been euthanized

6. Resources

6.1. Adoptors Need Help

6.1.1. Finding Recommended Vets

6.1.2. Finding Recommended Groomers

6.1.3. Knowing Signs of Sickness

6.1.4. Training Advice Crate Training