Patient Oriented Care

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Patient Oriented Care by Mind Map: Patient Oriented Care

1. working as a team to give the best possible care

2. treating like a human being

3. Not just pushing Pills

4. CARNA Competency #42 in health Care planning

5. Patient Oriented Care

5.1. Alexandra McEwen - 30005666

5.2. Tanis Robinson, Nursing 585 The Discipline and Profession of Nursing IV

6. taking the time to form a professional relationship with your patient

7. Patient safety

7.1. Making sure Patient is safe when leaving the room

7.2. If patient is confusing leaving them in eye sight from the nursing desk

8. Competence

8.1. New Grad Nurse

8.2. CARNA Competency #3 in professional responsibility and accountability

8.3. Newbie

9. Vulnerability

9.1. Towards "older Staff"

9.2. Working to please Coworkers

9.3. first year of professional nursing practice is similar to “an obstacle course "

10. interprofessional collaboration

10.1. Working with other professionals to get the patient(s) healthy

11. professionalism

11.1. 5 P's of professionalism: Punctual, Present, Prepared, Participatory, Professional attitude and behavior

11.2. Being ready for Work

11.3. CARNA Competency #5 in professional responsibility and accountability

12. medication administration

12.1. Double Checking before giving the medications

12.2. Going over the ten rights

13. Being accountable for your own actions

13.1. CARNA Competency # 14 in Professional Responsibility and accountability

14. Family involvement

14.1. Explaining everything to both family and patient

15. Patient Education

15.1. Teaching about Medications

15.2. Health promotion

15.3. Explaining the Different facilities if needed for after hospital care

15.4. Why they're in the hospital and what caused them to be here

15.5. "... quality of care can be improved by improving the level of patient education. "

16. Making sure my patients understand what you are doing and why

17. Time Management

17.1. Managing Multiple Patients needs at once

17.2. making sure all patients get medications at correct time

18. Key:

18.1. Blue BUbbles are nodes

18.2. No color are links to Nodes

18.3. Green lines are linking bubbles together

19. working with not for