Spark Strategic Plan (Gil, Steve)

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Spark Strategic Plan (Gil, Steve) by Mind Map: Spark Strategic Plan (Gil, Steve)

1. Rental oversight for all events

1.1. Congruency to Museum policies.

1.2. Renovate current contract

2. Docent Program

3. Staff Development

4. Marketing & Communication

4.1. Advertising

4.1.1. Online Ads Google Ad Words Trip Advisor

4.2. Social Media Engagement

4.2.1. Platforms Facebook Twitter Email Instagram

4.2.2. Analytics

4.3. Website

5. Development (Sonja, Arlie, Lindsey, Dick, Joe)

5.1. Membership Program

5.2. Fund Raising

5.2.1. Crowd sourcing

6. Science Education (Anne, Margo, Gil)

6.1. School tours

6.1.1. Goal: Embed museum tour into a specific grade science education program Current: Target audience is 3-5th grade

6.1.2. Existing School tours Current: the tour calendar is booked through March 2017 Roll into new strategy

6.1.3. School district Action: Engagement with school district(s) GOAL: Organize a private event for Bellingham School District executive team to sell partnership (Owner: TBD, Target Date: TBD) Other school district

6.1.4. # tours per week Determine tour model Should we organize single class (20-30 students) tours or offer a multi-class (80-90 students) tour? more Event center or museum tour

6.1.5. Curriculum developed in support of the grade specific tour. Anne is working with a SMATE grad student to help development & deliver curriculum Current: Curriculum Opposites Attract (1.5 hours) Good Vibrations (1.5 hours) Goal: Create the curriculum specific for the school district/grade identified 2016 Educational strategy educational programs identified (Electricity & Sound)

6.1.6. Packet of information - Expanding on identified curriculums Best Practice: SPIE has branded 2017 as "the year of light" and has developed corresponding curriculum Website - post School district - Distribution for pre-study At the Museum - Distribution (For families or home-school usage.)

6.1.7. Support WWU work study students 5-10 hours per week Americorp volunteer Full-time

6.1.8. How to communicate success Website Part of Annual Educational Report

6.1.9. Funding Identification of costs Part Science Ed funding strategy

6.2. Robotics

6.2.1. Existing Robotics classes Roll into Early release program strategy

6.2.2. Early Release Programs Expand to be vehicle for Robotics classes Bellingham early release 2017 (every Thursday) Creator And Innovators For Girls

6.2.3. Robotics Partnerships/Support FIRST FLL Meetups VEX Bellingham Robo Bash Foundry @ TDC Spark website "Go to" for local robotics info/events Fundraising site for FLL teams

6.2.4. Adults: Adult training for robotics mentors/adults/teachers/parents to teach various age groups of kids Mangement leader facilitation Technical how to do robotics

6.2.5. How to communicate success Photo wall - What scientists looks like Team photos of FIRST teams Group photo of CIC girls Photos of High School Scholar girls Photos from the community Best practice: WWU Mix It Up Robotics page on Spark website Part of Annual Educational Report

6.2.6. Funding Identification costs Roll into Science Ed funding strategy

6.3. Additional Museum Education

6.3.1. Exhibits Congruency with Sci Ed plan May mean expansion of a display element. May mean expansion of an element of the MegaZapper show. "SparkEd" symbol Educational packet is available for more science learning.

6.3.2. Adult Education Educational on-ramp: College level curriculum made accessible to the public. Oregon University program

6.3.3. KMRE science shows SparkScience Other science shows How to highlight these to the public

6.4. External sci ed excitement

6.4.1. Art Walk Selfie site Light show Art & Science Walk - C.O.B. Opportunity to meet supporters of the Museum

6.4.2. Special community events Quarterly family event Mars event Theory and practice. Exciting and timely topics which relate to the Museum such as: data science, acoustics, robotics, navigation, radio and astronomy.

6.4.3. Free family accessibility Good morning donuts & science Spark Ed laminate to distribute No host in the event center Media display and music

6.4.4. Facebook ActionSprout Daily posts Notices of upcoming events "Shelfies" on museum items Posts in support of our networking partners Social media person

6.4.5. Science / Tech / Robotics Parade

6.5. Internal sci ed excitement

6.5.1. Museum store Science kits Robotics box Spark Ed pkts Example: SPIE pkt Science items Electronics for Kids Book

6.5.2. Website Spark Ed pkts to mail Museum store items to mail Science kits to mail

6.6. Educational Partnerships

6.6.1. Partners Close by Museums Whatcom Museum / Lightcatcher MindPort Close by Non-Profits The Foundary Mt. Baker Theatre Regional Museums Pacific Science Center WWU Back to Bham CSE Community non-profits AAUW CIC

6.6.2. Communication plan Monthly communication email Annual meeting and invitation to Museum for each partner Annual educational report

6.6.3. Science Ed Class Directory GOAL: Develop directory database and update process (Owner: TBD, Target Date: TBD) GOAL: Populate directory with classes from Bellingham, Ferndale, Lyndon, Mt Baker, and Meridian K-12 curriculum (Owner: TBD, Target Date: TBD) GOAL: Publish and promote directory (Owner: TBD, Target: TBD) Permutation: Create a sci ed review with all community resources. Gap identification. Utilized for grants. Not for publication.

6.7. Funding

6.7.1. Grants

6.7.2. Corporate sponsors Monthly communication email Annual meeting and invitation to the Museum

6.7.3. Washington STEM

6.7.4. Fundraising strategy Donation site on Spark webpage #GivingTuesday Annual Fundraising event Electronics for Kids author Targeted funding for Museum tour costs Targeted funding for Robotics education costs Additional funding for museum

6.7.5. Annual Education Report

6.8. Diversity and Inclusion

6.8.1. Inclusion of girls

6.8.2. Inclusion to economically challenged schools

6.8.3. Race diversity

7. Collections & Curation

7.1. Hello

8. Radio Station (KMRE) (Suzanne, Joe, Margo)

8.1. Goal: Museum and Radio station congruency and support

9. Operations (John, Tana, Margo, Arlie)

9.1. Facilities

9.1.1. Electrical

9.2. Museum Store

9.3. Mega Zapper Show

9.4. Space Rental

9.5. Safety, Health and Security Plan

9.5.1. Safety Officer Annual training of volunteer Incident review process Follow through Near miss reporting Follow through Scheduled safety meetings

9.5.2. Safety oversight

9.5.3. Plan, documents, files created.

9.6. Volunteer management

9.6.1. Volunteer coordinator Determine a policy for volunteer vetting. Onboarding process Annual volunteer training Annual volunteer review process Comprehensive volunteer list

9.6.2. Volunteer oversight

9.7. Administration

9.7.1. 100% accuracy transactions New visitation totals machine

10. Volunteer Development (Melissa, Tana, Anne, Bill)

10.1. Docents

10.2. Interns

11. Exhibits/Visitor Experience (John, Tana, Steve, Lindsey)

11.1. Visitor Experience

11.1.1. Signage improvements

11.1.2. Improved Lighting

11.2. Exhibits

11.2.1. Edison - Tesla

11.2.2. Radio at War

11.2.3. Golden Age of Radio