Digital Natives

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Digital Natives by Mind Map: Digital Natives

1. Theory

1.1. Marc Prensky

1.1.1. What Makes a Digital Native? (PBS Frontline - Digital Nation)

1.1.2. Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants

1.2. Ian Jukes

1.2.1. Attributes of Digital Learners

1.2.2. Understanding the Digital Generation

2. Characteristics

2.1. Digital Native Map

2.2. Online All the Time (a Digital Native)

2.3. Digital Kids

2.4. Learning and Motivation in the 21st Century

2.5. A Little Extreme (E*Trade Baby)

3. Digital Immigrants

4. Education and School

4.1. Education 2.0

4.2. Old School, New School

4.3. Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat (Ontario)

4.3.1. Technology

4.3.2. Educational Challenges

4.4. Learner Centred e-teaching and Motivation

4.5. Are They As Savvy As They Seem? (Mark Bauerline)

4.6. Harness Your Students Digital Smarts (Edutopia)

5. Issues

5.1. Safety and Privacy

5.2. Legal (e.g., copyright)

5.3. Information Overload

5.4. Quality of Information